10 Advantages of using an Online Invoicing Software

Every business, whether small or big, needs the invoice making tool. With the help of invoice, a business can keep track of all the expenses as well as others things. It is critical to scale the business, and to some, it may sound quite impossible, but one can start with the billing procedure to run the business efficiently. So, here in this article, some of the reasons why businesses are adopting software for online invoice are mentioned.

Simple and fast

If you are making an invoice, then all you will be doing is opening the spreadsheet by logging into it, and there you will be entering the essential information like invoice number, items, address or services or whatever you want to fill it up with. It’s quite simple, right? But what about the lengthy and the repetitive procedure that you will have to go through when there are multiple invoices. So in the online invoice making software, it will save all the information related to the client in the cloud like payment terms, address, name, payment method and everything will be protected. So here all you have to do is log in to the account and pick the client to whom you want to send the invoice. You will have to fill up the necessary information that will be a part of your invoice, and whenever you click the send button, the voice will arrive electronically to your client. So it is a less hassle-free method. It is both user-friendly and its speed up your entire process of payment.


Here in this process, everything will be stored in the cloud so there will be almost zero chances of losing your invoice. So you will get rid of all the issues related to computer crashing or mail problem. Everything will be saved automatically and will get stored online. So just by logging into your account, you will be able to access the data. Always choose the best online invoicing software like hiveage.com for safe and secure invoicing.


One of the best reason why people opt for online invoice making software is the automation. It will enable you to easily set up the recurring payments made for the long-term clients. It will establish the subscription-based model for your business. It will send all the follow-ups as well as payment reminder required for the upcoming or the due invoices. So now you can easily concentrate on the growing business, and it will automatically save you a lot of money and time.

Brand identity: An invoice solutions that is cloud-based can reinforce the brand’s identity. You can customize it by adding the logo, fonts, color scheme and everything that will match the brand’s voice. You can also and Thank You message at the end of it because it has been concluded that whenever a company uses their logo, it increases the payment by three times.


Though most of the people will still prefer using the paper invoices if you want to increase the security then you should opt for online software because it meets the standard of PCI security. It is challenging to get access to the things that have been secured by the PCI security standards. So your invoice will be properly guarded against every kind of interference and loss.

Languages and currencies

In online invoice making software, you can easily select the preferred language and currency. It enables both the customers and the clients to put their choices which were not possible previously. So with the help of payments and invoicing using cloud method one can easily enter the global marketplace as it has become more convenient.

Cost savings

As we know it saves time, but it also saves a lot of costs that are included when you are buying ink, paper or postage. If a company can ditch these traditional way of making invoices, then they can save up to $2400 a year.

24*7 access

One can access the invoice from anywhere as it is storing data in the cloud.

Easy auditing

Using invoicing solution which includes cloud, enables a business to save everything online starting from invoices, receipts, estimates, expenses, etc. So a dashboard is created. It makes the process of auditing very easy.

Instant delivery

As now you will be sending out the invoices quickly so the payment will be made quickly. It won’t take a long time to send the invoices online.

These are the reasons why people opt for online invoicing software. It is convenient, safe, fast, secure, etc.

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