4 Most Hilarious and Legally Unlikely Courtroom Scenes

Practicing law in real life isn’t like taking a stroll in the park. It doesn’t involve all those thrills and chills as shown in movies and TV series. It all basically starts with a bit of argument and gradually everything falls into place; seldom do the juries seem to be overwhelming and the room hardly beholds any spectator.

Well, it’s no surprise that real courtroom scenes are nothing like that – in fact, they’re highly imprecise, intense, overstated and often dramatised; but hey, isn’t that good? Like imagine… real-life attorneys being to the point, no evidence being brought out of the blue and on top of that no at the edge-of-the-seat moment (now that’s a ‘oh-so boring’ scene, isn’t it?)

Of course, every lawyer would like their job, provided going to the court meant wooing and screaming at the panel of judges. But if truth be told, it entails loads of waiting for the opposition to present themselves well before you could even think of swapping discovery demands or having a discussion in regard to the previous night’s football match…

That being said, here we’ve mentioned the 5 most hilarious (and of course, legally unlikely) courtroom scenes… providing a much-needed reality check to aspiring attorneys regarding the illusion that they’re about to embark upon a thrilling career!

…And Justice for All

Before getting into the scene, here’s a question – what is it that makes a good lawyer? Is it their capability to scrutinise the situation and facts regarding the case with a cool head and coming up with the best ever solution respecting the fairness of system? Or is it all about wooing and going batshit in the court?

Well, we don’t really know what’s your take on this one, but for Al Pacino starring in …And Justice For All, it goes without saying that it’s all about the latter. Portraying the role of a serious Baltimore defence lawyer Arthur Kirkland, Al waives all those accurate arguments and plea-bargain stupidity and jumps directly into hooting and hollering in one the most renowned “You are out of order” scenes. He goes after his very own client in the opening statement itself.

Of course, one doesn’t have to attend law school to understand that calling a person whom you’re defending ‘a slime’ who ‘must be put behind bars’ is perhaps what infringes basic legal morals.

Wedding Crashers

Of course, there’s no doubt that divorce is pretty tough and one can definitely not get passionate. Fortunately, you’ve got Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as peacemakers (do they really charge for the both of them? If yes, then this seem to be a bit pointless!) to make the entire process a little less taxing.

When these two aren’t busy crashing marriages (also possibly creating certain divorces for the future), they can surely help couples to get through the tasking process of divorce realistically.

Giving a positive twist to infidelity and suggesting both the parties to move on in their life, these two do a brilliant job. But do films really show divorce peacemakers? We guess… this is the very first movie.

My Cousin Vinny

Well, well, well… how could we not mention this movie when all that we’re talking about is hilarious courtroom scenes (you knew this would be on the list, didn’t you?). Having said that, the entire list would’ve seemed to be incomplete without recognising My Cousin Vinny.

Whilst representing two yutes regarding a murder case that took place in rural Alabama, New York City it is attorney Vincent LaGuardia Gamini, portrayed by Joe Pesci, who comes to the rescue. But come to think about it, did he like receive a ‘pro hac vice’ to fight the case? Perhaps, he was never permitted to practice law in New York and Alabama.

Intolerable Cruelty

Ahh, another movie revolving around divorce cases… who would’ve guessed even this would make it to the list, right? These writers might’ve definitely had a horrible divorce experience, which is why they’ve ended up coming with such “crazy” courtroom scenes.

In the film, Clooney is playing the role of Miles, an attorney for a well-to-do client who has been trying every possible means to not let his spouse get anything out of their divorce (the client could’ve simply chosen the idea of making a Will and mentioning the same in it… well, everybody has a different approach you see!). Whilst the case seems to be almost hopeless, he somehow succeeds to dig out a prime witness for the case.

The jury is super liberal, especially when it is about the rules and regulations of presenting an evidence. Even more, in the entire court scene one moment stands out the most, that is when Clooney reminds the opposition lawyer that protesting is completely pointless.

So there we have it – the 4 most uproarious courtroom scenes. Go get yourself a bowl of popcorn and start binge-watching these amazing law-based movies!

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