4 Ways to Source High Quality Laboratory Equipment

Whether you are purchasing laboratory equipment for your local school, business or university it is important to find a reputable seller who has distinct knowledge about equipment, supplies and products related to the pharmaceutical, life science and biotech industry. It is important to find the right supplier, especially if you make frequent orders for your business, you don’t want to deal with a company who constantly delays or cancels orders.

  • Research the Type of Equipment They Supply

Distributors are a great way to order equipment if you need supplies for your laboratory, they have excellent knowledge of the industry and know exactly what type of material you will need for your projects. Before purchasing products, it is important to conduct some research on the type of equipment you are going to buy from your chosen wholesale company, you want to be able to get high-quality equipment which is durable and can be used for a long period of time. So, if you plan on buying smart gaskets or cell strainers, make sure the brand you purchase is highly respected and recognised in the industry.

  • Explore the Internet

The simplest way to find a professional distributor of laboratory equipment is to use the Internet, Google search the type of product you require and make a list of the companies which supply what you need. At first you may find your search turns up various companies across the country, but if you refine your search, you will be able to find local suppliers in your vicinity. The benefit of using a local supplier is that if a problem arises with damaged material or delivery times you can easily Google their address and pay them a visit.

  • Attend Trade Shows

A large number of distributors are involved in trade shows across the country where they set up presentations to show potential customers the types of products their company has on offer. If you have the time, trade shows are a great way to speak first-hand to distributors and see how well they know their products and the industry they are involved in. In addition, you also get to view and test new products on the market.

  • Ask Around

Trade shows are a great way to network, you can easily speak to a wide range of distributors and preferably find a reliable company in your locality. If you can’t attend trade shows there are other ways to find out about ways to source laboratory equipment.

It may not be suitable for you to contact industry competitors to find out where they source products, but if you have contacts in similar industries you could ask them for references. If you are involved in the education industry, it may be easier for you to find information on high quality distribution companies. You also have the option of contacting the chamber of commerce or small to medium enterprise development centres who could assist you in your search.

Always remember to gather references and conduct as much research as possible on the subject.

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