5 Factors That You Should Avoid While Building Your Brand

Maybe you are already into it since long or you have heard the term newly and so, are eager to do it, brand building is definitely something very important for your business. However, there are high chances that you may get carried away while making every attempt to leave no stone unturned and make some grave mistakes.

This is like going around your dining table talking to your guests while being unaware of the fact that you are looking disgusting because of food particles stuck to your mustache. Experts from brandquest.com.au – a leading branding agency Sydney, share here things you should NOT do while building your brand.

1. Bad Social Reputation

It’s a challenging task to balance your offline brand with the digital one. It’s quite tough to align the physical aspects of your brand in the digital environment. However, it’s also essential if you want to build a successful digital brand.

For many companies, success boils down to how far your users know, admire and trust you. Social media communication develops trust and if your brand has bad social reputation, your users will question your products or services.

2. Paying No Attention to Your Audience

Successful brands tend to be quick and agile. Knowing about their customers’ needs offer them the capability of reacting and updating marketing campaigns in no time.

When businesses don’t pay attention to what consumers are trying to say, they miss opportunities to highlight their brand messages as well as grab potential sales.

Consumers are habituated to getting responses from brands after mentioning them on social media. When brands don’t respond, they are showing that they are too busy or just don’t bother with what consumers want. Both these messages are harmful for a brand.

3. Bad Website Design

Branding consultants for corporates can tell you how website design can affect customer perception. The impact created by website design on customers’ impression is so powerful that the customers’ perception of taste and quality of the products can be greatly affected.

Hence if you are creating a new website or redesigning an old one, you can visit BrandQuest for http://brandquest.com.au/re-branding and make sure that your new or revamped site shows quality with an uncluttered, organised layout and good use of graphics.

Signs of bad website design are:

  • Complicated layout
  • Small print
  • Lack of navigation tools
  • Too much text 

4. Inconsistent Brand Image

Doubtlessly your brand is the face of your business. Therefore your brand image must be consistent since it distinguishes you from your competitors in a highly competitive marketplace.

On the other hand, an inconsistent or weak brand image can be destructive as it may puzzle your potential customers. And a puzzled customer is rarely a return customer.

Moreover, an inconsistent brand image can weaken your customers’ trust in your business, especially in case of those who are familiar with your brand.

For example, the logo you display on your website is not the same as the one you display on your social media profile. In such a scenario, your consumers may wonder how far you can meet their expectations if you are not able to manage your own brand.

5. Low Quality Content

Mobile devices of today have the power of creating great content. Hence it’s natural for consumers to expect that brands can create high quality content. Therefore, they associate your brand with the quality of your content.

If your brand has low quality content, it increases the chances of remaining hidden behind a lot of pages of search engine results.

For instance, Google has been more determined to drop brands with low quality content altogether. So, your potential customers will do that too. Thus you may end up in getting your brand hurt financially.

Avoid these brand building mistakes and protect your brand from being destroyed.


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