A Guide to Buying Security Rated Doors

For any commercial premises, security must be a prime concern, and considering that the doors are the primary access points, you really do need an adequate level of security, and in order to aid with the selection process, there is a UK recognised steel door security rating system, and with certified installers, you can be sure of a first class job. The latest generation of steel security doors are a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, and with welded frames and a choice of quality locking systems, you can protect almost any environment.

Security Rating

Steel security doors can be certified into 6 levels, with level 1 being the most basic, which would be suitable for a small retail premises or perhaps for certain leisure facilities and small offices. Level 6, on the other hand, would be used at police stations, banks and other buildings where high value goods are kept. The mid-range would be SR3 security doors and grilles, which are ideal for certain environments, and with a custom design and build, you can choose the most suitable security rating and then browse the various styles.

Door Composition

Steel has long been established as the preferred material for building security doors, and specially treated steel of 1.5mm in thickness, a double layer is created and welded to the frame, which is reinforced at specific points to prevent forced access. Even a level 1 door would be difficult to break open, and this would be ideal for a small retail outlet, or an office/warehouse.

Defining the Objective

The type of security door you choose should reflect the value of the contents of the room, and for very high value goods, level 6 is required, and with a range of tailored locking systems, you can create the perfect security. If, for example, the room was used as a general office, and there were no really valuable items, with perhaps a little cash in the safe box, then a level 1 door would be ideal. Even this would have a double locking option, and with welded frames that are reinforced, entry would be extremely difficult.

Biometric Locking

Technology has changed the lick industry in major ways, with fingerprint and retina systems that can restrict access to known people only, and with special emergency exit locking, you have covered the fire risk. This is ideal for communal environments and large government complexes where access is restricted, and keyless technology looks like the way the industry is moving, which is more convenient and very secure.

Online Solutions

If your business is UK based, there are online manufacturers and suppliers of top rated steel security doors for all situations and environments, and by dealing with an established company that has accreditation, you can be sure your premises are very well protected.

Certification gives the consumer added confidence, and with bespoke creations, there is nothing lost with the appearance. Made to measure units with a choice of locking options give the business owner secure solutions for their premises.

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