A Mission Against poverty

The real estate, in the recent times, has gained a lot of impetus as a profitable means of investment; investment not just in residential real estate but in commercial real estate as well. It has hence become a known fact that putting your money in this area is solely with the intention of gaining profits.

However, not everyone is aware of the fact that some noble people like Joe Johnson Welfont actually invests in these commercial real estate properties as a means of doing charity. He belongs to the Welfont Group which is commercial brokerage company that helps people manage real estate properties to get the best deals possible. Along with this Mr. Joe is associated with a non-profit organization based in Tampa, Florida which goes by the name of Mercy Foundation. This organization helps poor people come out of their under privileged life by providing them with the facility of micro finance.

The commercial properties, that Joe selects for the purpose of charity does so with a lot of care and they are improved with the intention of improving the society on the whole. The expertise of Joe with regards to selecting commercial property for the purpose of charity is par excellence. It is this money he gains from the property that he uses in funding the needy people as a mission of the Mercy Foundation.

The foundation is doing an excellent job at alleviating the situation of the not so privileged class by funding the business that they wish to begin. But this money that the foundation provides is in the form of a loan and not as some alms. This keeps the poor people from feeling as beggars; instead they feel financially stable and self sufficient.

The micro finance they receive is in the form of small loans that they have to repay slowly in small amounts. Once the business is set up and begins gathering finances, the owner of the business pays back to the foundation in small amounts and as the same time starts making profits as well as savings for themselves. This gives them a great sense of self satisfaction and elevates their self confidence.

The foundation has in addition taken it upon themselves to educate the masses and make them aware of the necessity and usefulness of micro financing in the process of uplifting the down trodden class. The contribution of Joe Johnson Welfont in this foundation is great and it is he who leads the others into spreading the concept of micro financing as a means to eradicate poverty from the society; thereby strengthening the society to a great extent.

Putting your money in the commercial real estate is finite thing to get your great profits but when you earn that with the humble intention of using it in the work of charity, it becomes worth even more. This is what Mr. Joe has been doing and as a result empowered many a man and woman too, by making financial freedom available to them.


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