All You Need to Know About Label Makers

Modern label makers are easy to use handheld tools which are utilised to make labels which can be put to use around the office or at home. The majority of designs which utilise a special labelling tape, have been made from synthetic materials, although contemporary label making devices can also make use of traditional paper labels.

Historic Background and Early Beginnings

Around about the 1950’s, the manual label making machine was a favoured labelling solution in the workplace and at home. With the use of coloured labelling tape, you could set a character wheel to the wished for letter or number, (or some other character type) and then press a little lever so as to make an impression in the tape.

This impression would like white lettering, numbers or other character. And as that happened, a mechanical part inside the label maker would move the tape so that the next impression in the sequence could easily be added, before it was time to cut it.

Further Advancements

This elementary label making machine, then became more streamlined during the 1960’s and 1970’s, even though the same basic concept stayed the same. The label tape was now equipped with an adhesive backing which was covered with a seal. This seal was peeled off from the label before being attached to the intended setting.

Up to the Present

With the advancement of technology, the digital label maker, then came into being. This label maker is equipped with a display screen which allows for the user to key in words or phrases for a label, then check it before making the end product. Label makers of this kind can make use of a number of different mediums to generate labels.

  • The traditional plastic label rolls are still used with various brands whilst some others use ink and paper labels on a roll.

Where it is Mostly Used

Both the former manual and the more up to date digital kinds of label making devices range of usage is noticeable. Label makers are put to use in the home for:

  • Different projects
  • Make it possible to label the outside of boxes for storage
  • Light switches
  • The fronts of file cabinet drawers
  • Labelling boxes when moving home
  • Spare key boxes
  • Labels for children’s cups
  • Photo boxes
  • Any sort of storage unit.

And in the office for:

  • Room names
  • Lockers
  • Organisation duties
  • File boxes with contents
  • Dates
  • Desks

Shelves or bins in a supply area can be also be labelled to ensure that paperwork and other office materials are put into the right place and are easily accessible when required.

Where Can You Find Them?

You can easily choose the perfect model and order online from a well-established company or make a journey over to an office supply shop and take a look see what they have to offer.

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