An Invaluable Role of Good Manager

What Is Management?

Management is the process of administering profit generation businesses, non-profit production organizations, and government bodies. It entails activities like putting all the organizational strategies in place and coordinating employees and volunteers’ efforts to realize maximum profits. This act will help the organization to accomplish various objectives of the business by applying the resources that are available. These resources include finance, technology, natural and human resources.

Management can also be categorized as an academic discipline whose aim is to do thorough research on a social organization as well as the leadership within an organization. The topic is majorly studied in high-level institutions like colleges and universities. This knowledge will help learners to acquire necessary skills which will be of great importance when managing either private or public organizations.

Management as a course on its own enables students to learn a broad range of knowledge that helps them to run different organizations and firms in various fields. The kind of management in an organization determines the performance of an organization. Poor management in an organization leads to a poor performance hence lowering the economy of the state and people at large.

In the society, the kind of leadership offered depends on the motivation championed by the fast movement of products and services. The service or product change can be within the organization or outside the organization. All this process is possible when different groups with common interests come together to venture into business.

Management as Manifestation of Democracy

The primary management function of a profit generating organization is to satisfy the broad range of stakeholders. This process usually entails making profits to stakeholders, creating products of value at a logical cost, as well as giving employment opportunities to different parties.

In most organizations and governance, the shareholders also participate in choosing all categories of leaders ranging from the board of directors to supervisors. Some management firms also employ the model of employee voting which gives equal opportunities to every employee to exercise its political right. Public sectors of different states constitute representatives who have been elected democratically to serve people.

It is the mandate of the government to choose the appropriate leaders who will work according to the required standards. At the same time, staff loses their jobs in case a new president enters an office.

Hierarchy in Management System

Different levels of managers exist in big organizations unlike in smaller groups where a manager performs several roles. These managers are arranged hierarchically in the way they appear in the management. They follow the order of senior executives who include the CEO or merely the president of the institution, or board of directors. Their work majorly is to adopt the important decisionsregarding the organization.

Senior managers also play a significant role in providing the necessary direction to center managers who are answerable to them. The branch managers, section managers, and regional managers are all middle managers whose work is to give guidance to front-line leaders.

The middle managers also play a significant role in communicating strategic goals and objectives as described by senior management. Lastly, lower managers consist of front-line leaders and supervisors whose primary function is to oversee how employees perform their duties.

Due to this categorization, the management of different firms and organizations becomes easier and convenient, and hence, the result is a high productivity. This process of dividing responsibilities also enables managers to work more responsibly because every person understands his/her role better. Suppose that I can write my paper online fast and clean but I won’t be able to produce a well-researched piece. For the purpose of making an in-depth work you can hire they will do  research and analyzing to deliver a highly informative writing.

The Reason Why Organizations Need Management

The management in every organization performs important roles in coordinating all the employees and other staff members to make use of the available resources to achieve the objectives. They also play a significant role in linking the organization with other big firms that help in pumping in the experience. This action helps in creating the opportunities to borrow some funds in the case the strong fall short of the already available funds.

The management can as well create new jobs in other organizations for their employees. This act makes every employee to belief in the administration of the organization, and as a result, it will encourage them to work harder.

Qualities Every Manager Should Possess

For an organization to do better the managers of such an organization should possess the following qualities being good time managers as well as being punctual. Managers should always be ethical, since the team expects them to work under the stipulated rules and regulations. This action ensures the dignity of the organization is maintained as well improving the performance of the business at large.

Managers should always have the positive attitude in whatever they do. In the process of being positive, motivation is enhanced due to employee’s perception on the jobs done in the organization. This action propels every person to work towards the achievement of the objectives. Other essential qualities of a good manager include accountability and transparency, patience, prioritization, and empathy. All these qualities translate to high performance of the business. Hence, high profits are realized.

Conclusively, management is a key factor of every successful organization as discussed from above. This statement means that for every business organization that has achieved success, there must be responsible and accountable managers. This condition inspires teamwork in every department within the organization, and hence, high level of productivity is realized.

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