An Overview on Private banking services

Private banking services are meant for those individuals who have substantial assets. Private banking offers customers a far more individualized service, with special attention from account manager, than any other banking institution.

Along with the standard banking services, such as credit card services, mortgage arrangement and loans, private banks typically offer a range of wealth management services such as trust and fiduciary services, and investment services. In the past private banking services has only been used by the upper class families, but today they are used by many professionals, including businessmen, sports professionals, and entrepreneurs, who want to ensure that their money is managed in an efficient way.

Apart from getting an individualized care, you can build a strong relationship with the account manager. Moreover, the manager will have better understanding of your financial needs, situation and wants. In addition to this, you can take advice from your account manager on a variety of investment and wealth management products, and you can select to be involved actively in the management of your portfolio or leave the choices completely in the hands of your bank.

Another benefit that private bankers can provide is the capability to transfer funds from one account to another without physically appearing into the bank. This can be done simply on the telephone. They can also help with certain tax related issues. A private banker understands that all the clients here are high net worth individuals and so as a banker, he suggests effective approaches to their clients so that they can invest their finance and assets.

Robert Stefanowski also referred to as Bob has more than two decades of experience in private banking services. He is working as CEO in DFC Global, A Lone Star Company. Earlier to this, he has been associated with UBS Investment Bank as Chief Financial Officer of. He is also a member of the Investment Bank Executive Committee and the Finance Executive Committee.  His previous role has been Managing Partner and Chairman, Asia and the Americas for 3i Group in the United Kingdom. Before this, Robert has been the President and CEO of GE Corporate Finance Europe. Previous to GE, Bob has spent almost five years in accounting with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

As an expert in private banking services, Robert says that while managing your wealth with private banks; it is very important to look for the best private banks. This is because there are many private banks in the world but the services of every bank differ from bank to bank. Selecting the most suitable services is little complicated. So, what you can do is do a thorough research on internet about the bank that best support the financial needs of you.

Apart from having experience in private banking; Robert Stefanowski also understands private equity quite well and commercial and retail banking. He is a lecturer at SBS University of Oxford London Business School, Cambridge University and Imperial College. He has completed his graduation from Fairfield University and from Cornell University earned an MBA in Finance. In London he is also a representative of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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