Attempts to End Illiteracy from Society for Its Better Future

There has been an outstanding growth in non-governmental and non-profitable organizations since past few decades. This indicates rise of interest and support of common individuals in bringing an effective and positive change in the society. They commit to their missions while facing every odds. One such mission is to spread education amongst the illiterate segment of society. The number of illiterates in certain areas of this globe is shockingly high. Therefore, there is the undying and unlimited attempt to make difference in educating people.

  • Schooling is an important part of every children’s life. A child receives education to acquire knowledge, learn social skills, explore his/ her talents and make career out of it. Education is a means to establish oneself and acquire economic stability necessary for physically and mentally healthy living. Government and private schools, colleges are found in plenty in every corner of this world. Then why is it that thousands of children are incapable of receiving the basic right of theirs?
  • Most of the uneducated lot of children are from the impoverished section of the society. Barely able to earn two times meal, the parents sent their children for small-scale works to earn little money. Their childhood is lost and so is the scope of being an accomplished person someday. This is what NGO’s aim at when they imply on imparting knowledge. Most NGO’s spread education, as they built, develop schools and its facilities, andprovide funds as fees of innumerable students every year.
  • One such organization is Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation who believes in offering opportunities to all who seek to improve their life. They offer microloan to students who thereby are determined in enhancing the quality of living by seeking best education. The families with extremely low income when dream to provide best schooling to their children, rely on the Mercy foundation. Therefore, the family still has hope of living a better life someday
  • This education is for children of course but it is not limited to them. However, the non-profitable organizations do not stop here. They take active participation in spreading non-formal education amongst elders, in both urban slums and rural areas. Here the chief aim is to teach about health, family planning, and environment. They also demonstrate the utilities of new technologies that help in the growth of business, are user friendly and available to all. Many non-profitable organizations provide free health check-ups, especially to women. On closer look, the mission is to educate every member of the society irrespective of age and gender.

The NGO’s have been successful in this mission to a great extent. However, there are still some areas where greater force is necessary to eradicate illiteracy out of the society. NGO’s are doing their best but others should actively contribute in their own little ways. Such big problems require big number of people to work upon it. Together these organizations and the common people can make a difference. Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation steps in to make dreams come true.

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