Auditing Job in Your Future? This is the Place to Start

Working as an auditor requires an unflinching attention to detail, because when you audit you’re conducting an official financial examination of the accounts of an organisation or individual. If you’re interested in working as an auditor, you’ll need expertise and special knowledge in the world of accounts, records, financial documents, and bank reports.

While it isn’t absolutely necessary to have an advanced degree from a university to work as an auditor, you may find the pay increases when you do hold that degree. You’ll be expected to take the necessary time to gather evidence, evaluate that evidence, and form a professional opinion based on the evidence, and your professional experience and knowledge.

Getting the Job

To have a good chance of landing one of these desirable positions, you may want to work with a job-search company, with a network that includes hundreds of top firms. When you do apply for an audit job in Malaysia, this online service will have many of the most attractive job openings on its list, including those for account executive, accounting manager, cost-accounting executive, assistant positions in accounting, and jobs for those who are qualified to be senior analysts in the world of finance.

Consider this particular job opportunity. You can be a team leader, and oversee the accounting processes within a corporation working on a global scale. This company focuses on the discovery, acquisition, development, and marketing of natural resources, with the centre of operations in Kuala Lumpur. Requirements include a bachelor degree in accounting or finance, and qualifications as a certified account.

Another position may require you to hold a degree in accountancy, or have similar certification and expertise. You will handle such tasks as preparing financial reports, work with tax managers, help with business audits and tax audits, and make sure all tax returns and documents are in order. Again, it’s essential to have the ability to focus on the minute details to succeed in an audit position.


When you “partner” with a leader in the job-search field, you’ll have access to thousands of promising positions. You may want to get started by visiting the website, to learn more about the job openings. It’s quite quick and efficient to conduct your own search. Read a bit about the company itself and the services provided. Then start your search using keywords, job title and location, including a city or a specific area of interest.

Simply put the word “audit” in the space, and include a desired location, such as Malaysia. This basic search brings up a list of several enticing jobs, including income auditor, audit manager, principal auditor, internal auditor, and audit assistant. You can also narrow your search by choosing a location in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, or the Philippines.

Establish an account and keep track of your applications in one online location. If you prefer, you can simply browse jobs to get a better idea of what is available in a range of industries and locations. Start today and find the audit job you’re looking for.


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