Commercial and Industrial Security Options

There isn’t a business that doesn’t need security, and with a range of security solutions available, the business owner has a choice of how to protect the commercial premises. Smaller enterprises like retail outlets or small workshops can get by with either video surveillance or an alarm system, while larger organisations require manned security, and these professional guards are trained to provide a range of services that a customer might require.

Manned Security Services

The best way to source a security guard provider is to conduct a simple online search, and if your facility is based in Yorkshire, there is affordable private security in Leeds. If you talk to a reputable company about your security requirements, they can give you the benefit of their experience and make some suitable recommendations. Security guards can carry out periodical perimeter checks, and if you are worried about stock losses, you can have the security carry our random searches as the workers leave their shift.

Preventing Stock Losses

This is a major problem for many warehouses and factories, and manned security is usually deterrent enough to stop any employees from leaving the premises with something that doesn’t belong to them. Members of the public have been known to gain access by masquerading as a worker, which is another good reason to hire manned security.

Video Surveillance

This has its place in commercial security, especially if the premises is very large, and with the cameras in the right locations, a single guard can monitor the entire perimeter from the control room. CCTV enables a huge perimeter to be closely monitored, and with infrared cameras, the image is clear at night.

Reduce your Outgoings

Believe it or not, hiring manned security can actually save you money, as your insurance company will accept that the risk of theft is greatly reduced and will amend the insurance premiums accordingly. Property and stock cover is essential, but if you have round the clock security guards, you will pay significantly less, and any way we can reduce outgoings is always welcome.

Licensed Guards

It may have been in the past that any able bodied person could be a security guard, but today, all professionals are SIA licensed, and are trained to operate in a range of roles, depending on the client’s requirements. All licensed guards would be fully trained in areas like public safety and covert operations, and by having a range of skills, they are equipped to carry out the client’s instructions.

Outsource to the Professionals

Even today, the larger corporations have ceased to directly employ their own security guards, and outsourcing is the most cost effective way to comply with government guidelines and offer a high level of protection. Professional security guards are trained to deal with emergency situations and are used to dealing with the public in a range of environments.

With all the technology available, there still isn’t a better way to protect your business premises than manned guards, and with online companies that supply trained professionals, the ultimate security is within everyone’s reach.


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