Common Types of Stretch Wrapping

When it comes to stretch wrapping there are many different methods available, each designed to assist specific application and intentions and to allow more companies worldwide to ensure that they are packaging their products and loads effectively and efficiently.  Some of the most common types of stretch wrapping include stretch wrapper for doors and pallet wrapping, however there are many more – and to help companies make the best stretch wrapping investment decision, today we are going to be explain some of the most common types of stretch wrapping to all.

Hand wrapping – Hand stretch wrapping is still incredibly common today. Hand stretch wrapping simple entails one or multiple people walking around a stacked pallet, wrapping stretch film around the goods. Sometimes when hand wrapping people choose to place pallets on a rotating carousel to make wrapping that bit easier. Hand wrapping requires more labour than hand wrapping and takes longer therefore is only generally suitable for companies that do not have to load high levels of pallets on a regular basis.

Automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping – Before going out to buy stretch wrap machinery you first need to understand the difference between automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrap machines. Automatic stretch wrappers are able to wrap pallets on their own whilst semi-automatic machines require an operator to load and unload the machine. Companies that wrap high number of pallets are generally advised to choose automatic machinery options.

Machinery styles – There really are stretch wrap solutions available to wrap a whole array of products, not limited to pallets but also include doors, windows and glass. No matter what you are looking to stretch wrap we highly advise that you get in touch with a pallet wrapper supplier today who will be delighted to assist you.

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