Different Types of Business Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Know

All business face unique challenges, especially during the start. However, there are certain specific strategies they can pull, such as adjusting pricing, identifying product strengths or acquiring other businesses to lift a business off the ground. Understanding these strategies and implementing them skillfully can be the difference between a successful and a failed entrepreneur. Here are some of those strategies, and how to implement them.

Growth Strategy

The growth strategy entails introducing a new product or adding new features to an already existing product. Sometimes, you need to increase your product line in order to keep up with your competitors or risk losing your customers to them. You can also adapt the growth strategy through finding a new market for your products or services.

The Product Differentiations Strategy

Most small businesses use product differentiations in order to gain a competitive advantage, such as having a superior quality product. A product differentiation strategy will set your products apart from the competitors and on top of that, it help you build your own business brand as well. You can read more about this and other strategies on wallstreethedge.com.

Price Skimming Strategy

Price skimming entails charging high prices for products, especially during the introduction phase. Small businesses benefit by using this strategy to recover their production and marketing costs in a short time. However, you need to ensure that there is something special about that product if you want customers to pay an exorbitant price. For instance, you might be the first business to introduce a certain product and when customers really want that product, given that they cannot get it anywhere else at that particular time, then they are willing to pay a higher price. However, the downside to this strategy is that it attracts competition pretty fast and competitors do whatever they can to provide those products as well.

Acquisition Strategy

As a small business, if you have extra capital then you could embark on the acquisition strategy in order to gain a competitive advantage. This strategy involves purchasing another business or a whole product line in order to expand operations. For instance, a small grocery store could buy into a well known grocery chain and expand into that.

How Do You Implement A New Strategy In Your Business?

While implementing business strategies, you need to have a mission, a vision and values. This will help you understand exactly what you want and what you intend to achieve, which will help you make sound decisions. Without a plan, you will be risking your business and steering off course. Have a strategic plan about how you will go about the whole deal from start to finish. You need to have business goals, department goals and employee goals and have responsibilities distributed across the board. This way, the small achievements every department makes will lead to business success in the end. Have well structures performance management processes that will incorporate annual goals into employee appraisals. If you hold employees accountable, you will be assuring targeted performance and goal completion.


These are some of the businessstrategies you can implement into your company. If you pick the right strategy and work towards it then your business will grow as much as can be.

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