Directional Horizontal Drilling: The Precise Results You Need and Deserve

If you really want to understand the process of drilling horizontally, it’s important to know what a “kickoff point” is. There may be a few other terms used for this specific location underground, but for this purpose it will do just fine. After the contractor drills vertically to a spot close to but slightly above a gas reservoir or an oil reservoir, for example, drilling continues in a more horizontal direction to enter the reservoir.

As you can imagine, this process can be more demanding than a vertical bore, which often depends on continuous depth more than any other element. To get the result you need for your project, it’s essential to have an experienced contractor on the job, one with extensive experience in providing the meticulous performance you deserve. Then you can depend on being more than satisfied with the results of every project requiring this special service.

Pipelines and More

If you know there is a project on the planning table that will require directional horizontal drilling in Victoria, you can get started on the right path by visiting the website of a leader in this special industry. Whether you need assistance with pipelines, gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, or placement of remediation casings, this is your source. Comprehensive service includes installation of power-cable conduits and telecommunications for the infrastructure you need.

This service has been a key element in the gas and oil industry for a century, though the technology has improved significantly through the years. However, the basic concept has stayed essentially the same. In fact, the improvements and knowledge gained through the years allows more than one well to be dug from a single, vertical bore, producing minimal environmental effect. Contractors have also been aided by progress in global positioning systems (GPS) and improvements in drilling sensors.

Two Options

As you can also imagine, directional drilling requires the drill-bit angle to be controlled with remarkable accuracy. Fortunately, the latest technology allows this level of control, helping to improve chances of success and reducing costs as well. Hiring a company that leads the industry in directional drilling, and in the installation of sub-surface assets such as water services, telecommunications, and gas mains.

You will also be best served by working with a specialist with the ability to use two directional drills, each certainly state-of-the-art. If you have the need for all-terrain equipment to deal with rock substrates, this is available with reduced ground excavation and maintenance of existing structures and assets. Using an experienced company means you benefit from accumulated knowledge as well as from the use of the most up-to-date equipment. Of course, you can always depend on receiving outstanding customer service in addition to precise directional drilling.


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