Do You Need a Trailer for Moving House or Hauling Waste?

If you need a trailer to haul waste, debris, or furnishings and you do not have previous experience in this matter, you may have some questions about towing. For example, you cannot tow a trailer if you hold a provisional licence. However, if you passed your car exam before the first of January 1997, you should possess entitlement B+E C1+E on point 9 of your licence. This allows you to tow a trailer, as long as the combined gross vehicle weight (G.V.W.) and trailer weigh less than 8250 kilograms.

Some Fine Points to Consider

Drivers who passed their car test after the first of January in 1997 can tow a trailer with a G.V.W. of up to 750 kilograms, as long as the combined G.V.W. of the vehicle and trailer are under 3500 kilograms. The G.V.W. of the vehicle that is used for towing should also be twice the G.V.M. of the towing trailer. If you passed a car test after the first of January in 1997, you will need to take an additional exam to tow any trailer that weighs more than 750 kilograms.

Hire a Trailer for Long-term or Short-term Use

You can purchase or hire trailers depending on your need, budget, and usage requirements. That is why a trailer hire is often chosen for transporting a large amount of furnishings or items that cannot fit inside a car or truck. This type of hire option is ideal for saving money and time. You can use the trailer for hauling, whether you are moving a business, moving house, or going on a holiday. A trailer hire from a company like Indespension will make the process streamlined and easy. All of the trailers offered by this type of business can be hired for daily, short-term, or long-term use.

Customised Offerings

You can find a number of branches to support your towing needs nationwide. If you choose a company that supports the towing and hauling needs of UK residents, you can rest assured that your trailer will feature the best in running gear and couplings. Companies that manufacture their own components make it possible to hire a premium trailer. Select a company that offers this type of amenity, as the business can customise its running gear to accommodate the trailer that you plan to use. Opt for this amenity over a company that features off-the-shelf designs.

Use a Company That Regularly Maintains Its Trailers

Also, make sure you work with a provider that offers trailers which are regularly and routinely maintained. That way, you can feel confident that your trailer will be safe to use, whether you are travelling on the road or parked off the roadway.

Why Using a Trailer Is Better Than Hiring a Skip

You may also want to use a trailer to clear away waste from a domestic project. If so, hire a goods trailer. This method of removing waste is cheaper than hiring a skip, as you only need to fill the trailer and drive it to the tip. Plus, you do not have to worry about having a fixture planted on your property: you can simply dispose of your loads as needed.

Whether you are using the trailer for removal or for getting rid of debris, you will find that this type of hire is a cost-efficient way to take care of hauling or waste disposal with ease.

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