Don’t Let No Credit or Bad Credit Stop You from New Rims and Wheels

If you are shopping for car rims and new tires but your credit isn’t very good – don’t let that stop you. There are many websites where online shoppers who are underserved by the more traditional providers of credit. These companies usually have financial partners who offer credit options with state-of-the-art underwriting who will make a decision on your credit based on income and not your credit rating.


The businesses usually advertise:

  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Out of State OK as we ship
  • Financing no credit needed
  • Instant approval in 60 seconds
  • 90 Days same as cash
  • One year term same as cash

Fill out credit application

All you will need to do is fill out the application on their website and then call with the approval number to place your order for rims and wheels. They will be shipped to any address you want/

No credit? Bad credit?

Rim financing or wheel and tire financing it usually available no matter what company you choose, you will get help with financing. They offer:

  • Fast and easy – approved right away
  • Use your line of credit to purchase your wheel and tire package
  • Online or over the phone use your approval code
  • Good Credit? Bad Credit? Easy Financing!


Requirements for financing usually are.

  • At least 6 month with current employer
  • Minimum income of $1000 per month
  • Checking account that is at least 3 months old with no overdrafts
  • Application fee at the time of purchase

Options for Payment

  • 90 day payment possibilities
  • Total term 12 months to pay

Current customers

Most of these companies offer fast credit option for its current customers. If you have no credit or bad credit simply fill out one of their credit application in order to get approved faster with no credit check.

For further information go to and talk with them about your credit needs.

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