Fire Prevention in the Workplace

As a business owner you are responsible for the safety of your staff members and the building in which they work. You’re required by law to have certain preventative safety measure in place to protect your premises and the people who work there, this also includes visitors. It is important to take steps to minimise the risk of workplace fires. 

Professional Consultation

The first step in securing your premises and reducing the risk of workplace fires is to consult a professional company who have experience protecting commercial properties. If a fire broke out on your premises outside of working hours, who would raise the alarm and protect your property. If you don’t have a capable system in place you’re leaving your company exposed. If you’re UK based, the best way of ensuring you protect your premises is to install a fire safety system in Leicester, this guarantees your building is under 24 hours surveillance so no matter what time a fire breaks out there is always someone watching, ready to sound the alarm. Consulting with a professional, experienced fire protection team is the only way to ensure your property is fully protected. So, if you require fire safety systems installed in your premises across Leicester or Peterborough contact a professional to strengthen your safety measures.

What can they do to improve fire safety measures?

A professional fire safety organisation will assess your premises to identify where you can improve on risk management strategies. Most high-quality companies offer free quotes on safety systems so you’ll have an idea of the kind of services they provide and how much you’ll pay for them. Some of the main services you’ll encounter include:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • 24-hour property surveillance
  • Risk assessment
  • Regular maintenance
  • Alarm System

To ensure your property is protected in Leicester a quality fire protection business will install a modern, state of the art alarm system in your building. This system will detect any signs of a fire and immediately rely a message to the appropriate authorities. It runs 24-hours a day, so you’ll always have someone on hand to monitor your premises, this is especially important outside office hours.

  • 24-Hour Surveillance

It is vital that your company has around the clock monitoring and surveillance to ensure a fire is quickly dealt with and the appropriate authorities are contacted.

  • Risk Assessment

A fire protection company will visit your premises and run a fire risk assessment survey identifying any possible dangerous throughout your workplace. They’ll indicate what needs to be changed to ensure your staff members can exit the building in the event of a fire without being obstructed by unnecessary obstacles.

  • Regular Maintenance

They’ll provide regular maintenance to guarantee your system and their system is constantly updated to ensure maximum protection.

To ensure your property is covered, contact a specialist fire safety team today, you want to make sure you provide a safe working environment for your employees so they can run your business with minimal risk. Even a small fire can have a significant impact, so it is advisable to consult a professional.

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