Grassroot Advocacy- An Insight Into Its Essence With Jack Bonner

You will find many campaigns being driven for community interests and political reasons. The sole motto of these campaigns that are known as grassroot advocacy campaigns is to mobilize people and promote a cause or encourage support for an ongoing campaign. If you look at a grassroot advocacy campaigns you will find that they have a main messenger or spokesperson and many volunteers. They share and distribute information with events and activities that are created and distributed keeping the grassroot advocacy campaign in mind. The messenger and volunteers play a key role when it comes to promoting the key message or cause of the campaign. The people that participate in such campaigns are not special. They come from all walks of life. They believe in the cause and this is why they mobilize support for the campaign and motivate or inspire others in the community to do so as well.

Jack Bonner – Grassroot advocacy campaigns are spontaneous

Jack Bonner is a leading name when it comes to grassroot advocacy campaigns. He is the Founder of grassroot advocacy firm A-2-W. He says that when it comes to grassroot advocacy campaigns they come in different kinds and sizes. The major focus is to identify pressure points that have the power to influence politicians and bring about legislative reforms and changes. Businesses are able to get a lot of advantages when it comes to grassroot advocacy, he adds. These campaigns are effective and better than conventional lobbying that used to be embraced during the earlier days. If you notice the difference you will find that traditional lobbying bought matters to the notice of the politicians and established grounds to make changes to the political legislation. However, in the case of grassroot advocacy you will find that the cause of these campaigns brings forward matters before the general public and this is how the people can effectively form a positive line of communication with the law makers and changers.

Grassroot advocacy has not replaced traditional lobbying- this is still needed to influence legislators and bring about changes. However, it is a new mode of campaigning that will help businesses persuade politicians and officials to take notice of a cause or a concern that needs reforms.

Today, thanks to the advent of Smartphones and social media platforms, grassroot advocacy has reached new levels. The amount of information and posts shared on these social media platforms have really transformed the way by which people look at grassroot advocacy and campaigns. Interactions are no longer confined to physical events and people who are interested in the campaign can share their views and exchange opinions on these social media websites with ease. They can communicate with the messengers from the comforts and convenience of any place. This is an added boon to the campaign. Jack Bonner says that the campaign has the ability to grow stronger and robust as this interaction online does go a long way in involving people in the campaign and making it stronger day by day.

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