How Cloud Computing Can Help in Sales Management

In the last couple of years, the concept and approach of sales has been changed completely. Replacing the old concept of direct sales many companies have entered into sales through channels or distribution network while internet marketing and social media networks has been top demanding across the world. Keeping this technological development in consideration, business enterprises now have started equipping with CRM or customer relationship management software application. The scientific approach of the application enables your sales people in effective closing of deal which is an integral part of sales.

Guiding valued business clients by means of sales cycle, communication through email or social media and closing the sales deal have made the entire process hassle free, consistent and more scientific. Most importantly, with this, a company can maintain absolute security of the deal. Sales people now can make better use of their time with customers since they are supposed to spend considerably less time for reporting, maintaining database and making follow ups after going through heaps of reports. It is, on the other hand, sales managers have received the most desired systems on their tables, which show them each sales person’s progress, collection details, dues from their territories apart from information like percentage of achievement of every sales person or how far they are from their set target.

Mark Stiffler now positioned as the Chief Executive and President of Optymyze believes that in global business era, it is become essential for business houses to manage their sales force based on system based mechanisms. This is more accurate, time saving and spontaneous. Importantly, Optymyze has come up as one of the most committed enterprise cloud application developer for driving channel performance and sales force. With their system, now, apart from sales promotion, market research or pricing; you can get special feedback report on physical distribution, sales to cost ratio analysis, and can do the needful based on your reports. Mr. Mark is also the esteemed founder and president of Synygy. The enterprise has been a world famous group as a specialist consultancy house, outsourcing service provider for sales performance management and sales incentive management.

According to Mr. Mark that cloud based systems offers a consolidated report, a form of management information systems based on which all action plan can be decided. In order to address the necessities of sales persons and managers, the report formation needs to be unambiguous, intuitive and summary type. This even comes with graphical reports which enable you to understand the position at a glance and talk on this immediately while a sales conference is going on.

Now with cloud solutions, your remote representatives can get details of their sales performance, proposed action plans and view their ranking in commission plan of the company from their headquarters. Cloud services are extremely popular for its great mobile apps, and this is another great advantage for a sales team. Mark Stiffler  and his team at Synygy offer consultancy services to big pharmaceutical houses, insurance companies and other business enterprises.

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