How Do I Choose the Best PA Amplifier System for a Seminar

There are various things you will have to consider when selecting a great PA amplifier system for your requirements. Things such as budget, musical or presentation style, and the types of instruments in the band will be of importance to consider when selecting a PA.

You will also have to think about transportation capabilities as a number of PA amplifier systems can expand and become large and extensive. There are four major components when constructing the ideal working PA system and they are top quality:

  • Power amplifiers
  • Mixing board
  • Speakers
  • Monitors

All of which must be in top working condition.

Depending Upon the Job at Hand

You can get smaller PA speakers at 200 watts each or less to mix with the powered mixer. These start somewhere around AUD 400 dollars and provide superb sound for smaller acts. But remember that you’ll need speakers and a monitor to fully complete the PA amplifier system.

  • However, if you’re looking for professional outfits to organise the likes of running a seminar, an event, expo, product launch or training days, there are expert services such as can provide an affordable service for hire to suit all of your needs including everything from sound, vision, projection, stage, drape & lighting.

For Any Kind of Event Requiring a Louder Sound

Moving beyond the smaller types of events, you might require assembling a larger, more traditional type of PA amplifier system. Power amplifiers, power the central speakers, plus the monitors.

  • These speakers and monitors are practically always unpowered by themselves, so you will have to run one amplifier over to the mains and one more out to the monitors.

However, occasionally the monitors or speakers will be self-powered, and won’t be in need of a power amplifier, but will still have to securely be plugged into the mixing console.

Making Sure That Everything Works Accordingly

The majority of mixing boards are unpowered but run as the main console alongside the amplifiers, compressors, main speakers, and monitors. You can purchase such components like cords individually if they are not part of the PA amplifier system package.

  • Standard types of mixers have 8 to 12 channels, which is enough for nearly all musical bands.

If somebody wishes to add a subwoofer to the combo, you will have to buy one more amp to power it. The low end of any live performance subwoofers will nowadays cost around AUD 250 dollars.


It is indeed possible to buy PA new amplifier systems as a package deal from some major retail outlets and you can also go about building your PA amplifier system one piece at a time, customised to your liking.

However, in most cases nowadays, the costs for such events are circumvented by the affordable costs of simply hiring out a top quality PA audio and visual system, so check out and consult with experts in PA system hire.

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