How To Attract And Retain The Best Employees To Your Company

When you are running a business, it can be easy to concentrate so much on the day to day running that you don’t think about your workforce. To maintain the success of your company, you need to be attracting and retaining the best employees you can. If your working practices or your working conditions are lacking, then this can seriously hamper your recruitment. Here are a few ways you can recruit and retain your best workers.

Flexible Approach to Working

Your employees are not just your staff; they are also people with families and interests outside of work. Maintaining a good work-life balance is essential to keeping them happy and productive. One way you can achieve this is to be more flexible about time off, especially if it’s an emergency or special occasion. Encourage workers to swap shifts and allow special leave if needed, it will make your employees happier, and they will tell potential new staff about how helpful the management is.

Allowing Remote Working

Along with flexible working, another thing that workers are looking for is flexibility with family life, especially those with young children. If you can offer them the ability to work from home when they need to, it will encourage more reliability and loyalty from your staff. It will make them more productive and also eliminate the need for them to take days off at the last minute.

Attract Overseas Workers

If you are looking to recruit, then your reputation as a good and flexible employer will go a long way to attracting applicants. It is especially true for those applying from other countries; they will be looking for things such as working conditions and pay when scrutinizing job advertisements. For example, if you are looking for a computer programmer, then these could be sourced from other countries where the pay is lower as can be seen on Once they have joined your company, the other benefits will encourage them to stay.

Workers Benefits

Another area that many workers like is employment benefits; this doesn’t just include a pension scheme or health benefits. If you can give any concessions to your workers for your products or perhaps arrange deals with other companies, then this can be an attractive benefit. It could be that you can arrange a percentage off car insurance with a certain company or subsidize the local sandwich bar. These things are useful to your employees, so they will gladly use them.

You can even start an employee reward program that gives an award for the worker who produces the best work. It is better than offering an award for the most work as this can result in a lower quality. The rewards should be something practical such as vouchers, or they won’t have the incentive to take part.

If you are wondering why your recruitment or retention is low, then take a look at these ideas to see if you can improve the satiation.

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