How to Choose the Right Career

There are so many careers available and choosing which one to settle for can be very overwhelming. On the other hand, making the wrong decision on career choice can be very frustrating. However, you can make an excellent choice if you take some time to consider some factors. Follow the below tips and you’ll surely succeed in the career you choose.

Know your skills

List the things you are good at, start with the subject that you were performing well in school and what you like doing. Choosing career based on the skills you have will help you to be successful in future. For example;

  • If you loved Biology you can take a career in medicine.
  • If you like helping and caring for others, you can go for a phlebotomist as your career choice.
  • Good cooking skills can also turn to be a career.

Consult your parents and friends if you’re not sure of your skills. Make a list of a number of skills and hobbies you have.

Explore the list of occupations

Understand well what is required in each of the above occupations. For example consider your financial status, if the career you want requires you to go back to school. You can find your school depending on the career you want. Consider your current level of education too, you may want to consider what you already have if other factors restrict you from going back to school. Do a lot of research from online and other people who’re in the same career.

Do career test and internship

If you are still not sure of what to take, it is good you do career assessment tests. It a set of questions that you’re supposed to answer within a given time. The main aim of the assessment is to test your skills and then suggest a career that matches with them. There are a number of career assessment online and some of them are for free. Doing Internships is also another great way of testing your career.

Consider your future

Consider future financial security. One key role of getting a career is because you want to earn yourself money. Know an average amount of money you can earn in a given career, then ask yourself whether that is the kind of money you want to earn in future.

Consider the availability of jobs in future too. Does that particular career do well in the market? Are there so much to be done in that particular field? Always go for the career that is in demand. You need to do your research in order to know if a career will give you a stable living.

For you to be sure about the career you want, you may need a professional advice. Look for a career counselor and share your expectation with him or her. A counselor should help you to make your decision but he or she is not supposed to decide for you. Make sure you’re genuine to him so that he can be able to guide you.

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