How to Decide on a Hand Dryer for Your Business

If your business currently uses paper towels in the washroom facilities but you want to reduce the waste that this type of product creates, then you want to take a look at the various mechanical dryers for sale. In order to save money, you need to review charts for various models of dryers and check the running costs per year. You will find that using a hand dryer versus paper towels will save your commercial establishment a great deal of money over time.

Do You Oversee an Arena?

One of the factors that you usually need to consider when buying a hand dryer is the performance of the dryer. Whilst this factor is important in some environments, it carries little weight in others. For example, if you oversee an arena, you want to make sure that the patrons can get their hands dry in a short time. Half-times and breaks during events make washroom usage quite intense. That is why you need to make sure that your dryers can handle this sort of throughput. Otherwise, your patrons will be less than jubilant, especially if they miss a spectacular play at a sporting event.

You also want to consider performance if you run a fine dining establishment. If a diner takes a long time to dry his or her hands, it will take away from your efforts in delivering a one-of-kind, first-class dining experience. So, when it comes to reviewing hand dryers and performance, you need to focus on drying time if it will impact your customers. Fortunately, you can easily make a decision if this factor is important as manufacturers publish the drying times for their products. So, you can short-list your choices based on price and drying times.

Pick a Product That Is Efficient and Fast

After all, you want to avoid developing a queue at any of your dryers. Therefore, it is essential to know the throughput number to prevent this from happening. In order to make a decision along these lines, check model datasheets for the maximum throughput. The number is determined from the manufacturer’s findings for drying time, including changeover time. So, the number takes into account how long it takes a person to dry his or her hands and move out of the way for the next person to use the dryer.

Next, you want to consider the style of the hand dryer. Some dryers enable the user to put his or her hands inside the dryer to dry them whilst other dryers offer hands-under use. Different manufacturers have various configurations for both hands-in and hands-under dryers. However, your final decision will be based on the drying time and, again, what you can afford to spend.

Choosing the Style of the Dryer

A hands-in dryer will take up more space than a dryer that is designed for hands-out usage. The hands-in model is also placed at a lower position on the wall. So, if your washroom space is limited, you may have to rule out a hands-in dryer and concentrate on choosing a hands-out design.

Also, consider the users. Whilst most adults may be able to use a hands-in dryer, children or people with disabilities may not find this type of design convenient to use. Therefore, a hands-in dryer may be best placed in a university washroom or in a space where separate facilities are provided for disabled users.

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