How to Detect Labor Abuse

At first glance it might seem that all kinds of abuse is easy to notice, but the reality is that there are many ways to denigrate another, some less explicit than they seem. This unfortunate situation is also present in the work by some employers and colleagues who completely ignore professionalism and consideration for the other.

Steps to follow:

1     The abuse of work can be disguised and not obvious or obvious in the eyes of everyone, but regardless of the way the abuser chooses it is a practice that severely affects the employee’s state of mind and that under no circumstances should be allowed in the field professional.

  • Occupational abuse can have important consequences for the employee’s health, producing:
  • Physical and emotional stress.
  • Sleeping problems.
  • Severe demotivation that can lead to Burnout Syndrome.

2      One of the main characteristics of the labor abuse is the continuous offense towards a person or the tasks that it carries out through words or gestures. Whether they tell you directly that what you do is useless, or that they put a bad face on you when you propose something or perform a task, in both cases it is considered an attitude that is unlike the professional field.

3     In any situation or project, the criticisms that the employee receives are always negative, lacking in objectivity and in many cases unfair. No matter what you do or propose, most of the time it is frowned upon by superiors or colleagues.

4    When a worker sees himself completely isolated from his work group, not because he has decided it but because he is not allowed to be part of it, we are facing one of the main evidences of labor abuse. If your colleagues or your boss do not allow you to integrate properly and you feel constantly rejected, you may be in a hostile and inadequate work environment.

5   Another of the signs that makes it possible to detect workplace mistreatment is that the employee is constantly discredited in public: in meetings, conferences, committees. Their opinions or proposals are not taken into account and are criticized harshly, in the same way as their work.

6    The worker is completely ignored by his colleagues or boss, even when his presence is necessary for a certain meeting or event, he is not called. This results in the person who suffers work abuse feeling completely rejected and outside the work group.

7   The physical contact with the work group or with the supervisor is quite limiting, mainly based on emails or phone calls. There is little relationship with the boss or with the team, who only make contacts if strictly necessary.

8     In the most severe cases, labor abuse manifests itself through verbal or physical violence, threats, boycott of work and reduction of wages as a form of pressure. At this point the situation is serious, this scenario is called labor mobbing.

9      Occupational abuse is a practice that should not be tolerated under any circumstances, because it severely affects the employee both physically and psychologically. If your company has a policy against abuse, go to it, otherwise denounce the situation to a superior or the human resources department so that they can take action on the matter.

In the case of companies in which none of these alternatives is viable, it is best to gather all possible efforts to find another job and be able to leave the one in which we are mistreated. Nobody deserves to work in an inadequate space or that their health is damaged by a job.

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Article Source: Tape Daily

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