How to Hire an Accountant for Your Small Business

Have you recently come to the conclusion that your company could really use an accountant but you’re not entirely sure where to start looking for one? The good news is that you’re certainly not the only one in the world to feel that way. It may seem to be an intimidating venture but with the following tips, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect accounting firm for the job.

Think About Your Needs

The first step you need to make when you are looking for experienced accounting services in Woking is whether or not you need an external or internal accountant. If you’re not sure what the difference is, check out the following options:

  • Larger businesses tend to hire internal accountants because they have a large number of transactions and outsourcing would be too costly.
  • Small businesses typically go with external accountants on a consulting basis due to their lack of financial transactions; hiring an internal accountant would cost the company too much money.

Ask Questions

When you’re interviewing potential accountants, make sure that you have a list of questions prepared. Concentrate on areas such as fees and qualifications.


The next thing to think about is whether or not you want the accountant to be local. Ask yourself if you’d rather work with someone face to face or you’re okay with working with an accountant through other forms of communication such as video chatting.

Just know what you need when you’re looking for an accountant, ask the necessary questions, and the rest will work itself out.

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