How to Minimise the Risk when Hiring Key Employees

If your business is steadily developing as you had hoped, and it is time to bring in a key marketing player or sales manager to head an aggressive new team of salespeople, your choice of candidate is critical. Bringing in an unknown quantity puts your business at risk, and with so much riding on the success of the sales team, you really need to be sure you are hiring the right person. Modern screening includes background checking, and there are four main areas that the screening company would focus on.

  1. Identity – In this day and age, with laser printing and other technologies, it is quite easy to “create” an identity, therefore a search that confirms the identity of a candidate is easily carried out. There are, for example, certain requirements for an employment background check in Hong Kong, and this can be carried out by a global organisation that specialises in pre-employment screening.

  1. Credibility – There are ways of verifying a person’s credibility, and it is sometimes essential to be certain that a person has integrity, especially if they will be exposed to sensitive information. If, everything checks out, then you know this person is the type of player you want in your team, and if it doesn’t check out, then you have saved yourself a lot of time and money. Criminal background checks can be carried out, either domestically, or globally, if the client prefers, and this way, you will know if the candidate has ever been convicted of any crime.

  1. Experience – For some people who lack the professional experience, there is always the temptation to paint a slightly better picture, in order to tip the scales, and while this might be to their advantage, it certainly puts the employer at risk. No company wants to hire a key player who is underqualified, as this could put the company at serious risk, and with so much riding on the success of the candidate, a work experience check is advised.

  1. Risk Awareness – By screening a potential key employee, you will be in a much better position to make an informed decision, and the specialist screening company would tailor the package to suit the client’s budget and requirements, besides, there isn’t much point in paying for a service you don’t need. There is an element of risk employing any person, but with the right verification and checking, one can really tilt the odds in your favour. The screening would incorporate several methods, and you can even have a social media search carried out, which should confirm certain aspects of the candidate’s life.

The right staff is required if your business is to achieve your long term goals, and built on integrity and good business practices, it is important to screen all key applicants before bringing them on board. The entire process can be carried out online, which is very convenient, and once you have the results, you can then make an informed decision about the candidate.

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