How to Protect Your Business from Fires

Every business is in danger of fires from different sources. The fires that could affect a business involve the wiring of a building as well as what happens inside of a building. Electrical fires are a serious risk; they are less of a risk if you have an electrician visit and inspect your property from time to time. That’s one way to help reduce the risk of fires. However, even an electrician cannot catch every potential hazard. Also, some businesses could be at risk of fire because of the type of business that is being done. For example, if you are running a restaurant or a business with a kitchen, you’ll be at a raised risk of fire. The kitchen will have open flames, high heat, and many different things that can cause fires. Here is how you protect your business from them.

Different Alarms

If you work with a team such as those at Guardian Security, they will be able to design a system of alarms that will help you identify smoke and fires very early. The different types of alarms are carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and heat detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors will not necessarily indicate when a fire is happening but carbon monoxide is often released by incomplete combustion. For example, a natural gas fire burns blue in the presence of sufficient oxygen. If it is burning yellow, it will be producing carbon monoxide. Also, it could be at risk of actually going out. That would just release natural gas into the kitchen.

Carbon monoxide is odourless and colourless. An alarm could be the only way you notice that the noxious gas is in the room. Smoke detectors have a chemical or a light that forms a full circuit inside of the device. When the circuit is broken by smoke, the alarm goes off. Oftentimes, smoke precedes a fire. Therefore, a smoke detector is often the first line of defence against a fire.

Heat detectors are the final indication. They are essential thermometers in a room that measure the ambient temperature. When the temperature reaches a pre-set level, the alarm goes off and indicates that a fire is likely.


Fire extinguishers work by smothering a fire so that it cannot get oxygen. There are several different types of extinguishers that might be available. If you need a commercial fire extinguisher, you need one that is possibly larger and more powerful than a domestic one. A commercial fire extinguisher will need to also be in every room that is at risk of a fire. That generally means at least one in the kitchen and one in the dining room. If you have candles at your restaurant, you likely need more extinguishers. That’s a good precaution to take.

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