In Business, First Impressions Really Do Count

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s all be honest with ourselves. Whilst we might like to believe we’re capable of seeing past first impressions, in reality this is far from the truth. Some business owners don’t pay much mind to their external appearance in the hope that customers will see beyond this and recognise their excellent service, but what is this really costing them? If your headquarters looks run down, or if your website or logo is outdated, it’s likely that potential clientele are opting to take their custom elsewhere. If you take pride in your business’s appearance, it stands to reason that this extends to everything you do. After all, you wouldn’t show up to an interview in a tracksuit, so why should your business go by a different philosophy? Getting your aesthetics right could do wonders.

Clean Up Your HQ

Whether it be a shop front, a small office, or a soaring tower block, the place from which you conduct your business is the face of your brand. Your workspace exterior is the first impression that passers-by have of your brand, and as such it is your most immediate form of advertising. If your business appears worn-down or outdated from the outside this can be seen to represent a lack of care and attention, which in turn reflects badly on your entire work ethic. An unprofessional workspace creates a bad impression from the get-go and could end up losing you a lot of business. It is also important that the interior of your building is well-maintained – a dripping ceiling or a stained carpet doesn’t exactly give off an air of professionality. In order to instil confidence in your customers, you must take pride in every aspect of your work, and this starts with where you work.

Protect From the Weather

Scotland’s volatile climate isn’t the most friendly on its architecture. Weather-worn buildings and paintjobs rendered damp and patchy by the rain are an all too common sight to behold. To protect your business from this fate, it would be wise to consider an external wall treatment. Topcote wall coating in Scotland is a solid investment for any business. Professional wall coating provides lasting weather-proof protection, saving you thousands on repainting over the years. By sealing your building from the elements, you are not only protecting the façade but also the interior from any nasty damp or leaks. This will go a long way towards ensuring your headquarters looks clean and professional.

Get Online

Any shrewd business owner will know the importance of having an online presence, but for the less IT-literate of us, how can we go about this? There are plenty of freelancer sites online, where web and graphic designers from around the world advertise their services at incredibly low prices. From logo designs to interactive webpages, with their expertise you can develop some solid branding for your business. This is a great resource and it can really open up doors for those of us without the know how to do it ourselves.

First impressions really do count, so don’t lose any more custom to a worn-out exterior! Clean up your act and see how your business will flourish. 

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