Information on Cryptocurrency and Why Many Use It

What do you know about cryptocurrency? Some of you will probably not have any idea what I am talking about. So here is a definition to start with:

A cryptocurrency is a standard of exchange that uses cryptography to guard the contacts and to control the generating of new units. Cryptocurrencies are a subclass of alternate currencies, or precisely of digital currencies. Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency in 2009 to be decentralized.

Since then, there have been several cryptocurrencies created.

Noku tokens

There is a website for users of Noku tokens. They believe that all individuals deserve the fast and reliable services all around the world; to connect crypto economy to real life. Noku 100% backed tokens meaning they are issued by a 100% backed reserve of fait money and gold, deposited as well as audited in Switzerland.

These Noku tokens are the first tokens to be supported in the ever-increasing crypto economy:

  • 1 NKE = 1 Euro
  • 1 NKE = 1 Swiss Franc
  • 1 NKE = 1 gr of pure .999 Gold


Noku tokens can be used for payments in any currency, if it is digital. With your Noku tokens, you supply your value, in gold or any fiat currency, by not ever having to leave the crypto world. You can then add digital currency called“pegged” digital currency to your system for trading and for balancing cryptocurrencies, your fiat in real-time.

Users website

There are people who find all this very interesting and understand it all and believe that these are very exhilarating times. Cryptocurrencies are overtaking the world by storm, not withstanding being restricted to the digital world. The problem is that humans are living in the physical world.

Don’t understand

It is important for those who don’t quite understand all of this, to learn more before investing in cryptocurrencies. And, another tip is to not invest money that you need for something else – such as bills. Seriously, don’t turn your rent money into Noku tokens because anything might happen, and you will have no money for rent.

The goal for this website is to connect Noku or cryptocurrencies to the real world.

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