Preparing For Life After High School

There is no doubt that your child will counting down the days until graduation, waiting for the last bell and the celebrations to begin. However, before the partying can start, there are certain decisions that need to be made about what happens after High School. There are three main choices for many High School graduates: university, a gap year, and going straight into employment or training. Here we take a look at the pros and cons for each one to help prepare you, and your child, for the next step in their lives.


It is likely that going to university has been your plan for your child since they were born, and you will have tried to prepare accordingly for the day they go off to study. It will have become apparent during the course of their High School education which subjects they favour and therefore what career path they are hoping to take. In the years before graduation, sit down with your child and go through the various careers that appeal to them, and discover the qualifications and training requirements for each one. Preparation is the key to your child having the best chance of getting the university place they want, so research the best schools for the career they want by using a site such as Qualityeducationandjobs.Com. You will also have to prepare yourself for your child leaving the nest as it can be a lonely time for some parents. Ensure you are prepared by having your own activities and events to look forward to in their absence.

A gap year

This is the phrase that fills many parents’ hearts with dread, but a gap year can be a wise decision for some students, allowing them to experience the world and fully explore their independence, before embarking on further education, or a career. A hard-working teenager deserves some time off after the intensity of exams, and travelling abroad, gaining work and life experience could be just what they need to develop their social skills. If your child is undecided about what to do next, a gap year may be the solution. Extensive periods away may not suit every teenage though and it is wise to consider if they are sensible enough to cope on their own, far away from friends and family.


The lure of money can be all too much for an adolescent leaving High School, but if they are determined, and are clear on the field of work the want to enter, this could be the best decision for them. Although you may have hoped your child would attend university, the reality of being able to afford fees and living expenses can soon extinguish these dreams. Your newly graduated teen may not welcome the prospect of getting into debt to pay for university, and therefore gaining employment could be the solution. There are many jobs available that don’t require an undergraduate degree, and with the right support, your child could find themselves at the beginning of a very successful career.

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