Reasons For Hiring Online Reputation Monitoring Services

Reputation monitoring services are required in today’s day and age. As a brand, you would not want a potential piece of content to ruin your image. The World Wide Web is a vast universe of information, data, conversation, images, videos and other interactions. Monitoring what is being said about your brand or product on such a large canvas is a daunting task. In order to ensure that your brand does not receive any misrepresentation or negative comments, hiring professionals who engage in online reputation monitoring service, can help mitigate the damage done by slander and negative commentaries.

Your company or brand is judged by what customers read about you on Google, yahoo or Bing. False, defamatory and erroneous search engine results can cost your brand a great deal, every year. There can be numerous sources of these misleading messages. Negative listings can be intentionally generated and deployed by a competitor, message board, a news site or any other source. There is virtually no way of detecting the geographical location from which some messages are deployed. Wherever they may be sourced from, these misleading statements can have a devastating impact on your firm’s sales and profits.

Online reputation monitoring service uses methods akin to SEO to mitigate an online smear campaign and thereby reduce potential financial repercussions. Online reputation management (ORM) companies use a number of strategies to preserve your online reputation. By keyword search and other SEO methods, ORM companies can keep a track of what is being said about your brand on blogs, forum, social networks, news searches and standard searches etc. Consumer reviews and traditional websites are also monitored for negative content. Site managers are often formally approached to take down negative references to a brand or product. If they are not obliging, a company can opt for litigation to resolve an issue.

ORM can be responsive or proactive. A proactive ORM can include techniques for instantly responding to criticism on a public forum. Using ways to win over critics with free products or discounts and other incentives can be a useful ploy to reduce the negative feedback.

A preventative method can additionally be employed by an online reputation monitoring service to counter negative mentions. If ORM detects a negative comment or feedback, the validity of the claim or comment should be instantly verified. If the claim is proved false, ORM should take action to discredit the erroneous mention. If the claim is found to be credible, a dialogue with the critic should be initiated to pacify the community or individual. ORM can sometimes employ a company blog to negate claims of critics and competitors.

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