Reasons to Consider a Career as an Administrative Assistant

If you are looking for a new career and are in search of not only your first professional job but also a job that offers many perks and attractive prospects, one job role that you should definitely be considering is that of an administrative assistant. Administrative assistant work is considerably easy to get into and can be highly beneficial and rewarding – Keep on reading to find out why!

Amazing Reasons to Consider Administrative Assistant Work

Admin work is rarely dull – Administrative assistants typically get to engage in a wide range of activities. Whilst admin work used to be largely limited to typing, filing and answering the phone, admin assistants now deal with a diverse selection of tasks.

Administrative assistants get paid more than you think – Salaries are on the rise for administrative assistants, with the majority of admin assistants in the UK being paid far more than minimum wage.

You can work anywhere – One of the great things about being an administrative assistant is that you can work pretty much anywhere you want, with almost every country in the world requiring more administrative assistants than ever before.

Opportunities for change – A great thing about being an admin assistant is that you can get your foot in the door of any industry should you wish, simply select an administrative assistant vacancy in and industry that you are excited to learn more about and you will not be disappointed.

Plenty of room for progression – An increasingly large percentage of admin assistants are now finding themselves climbing career ladders at a much faster pace, with career progression opportunities for admin assistants including senior executive assistants, customer service managers and office managers.

If after this you are now considering a role in admin, you will be pleased to know that there are many admin recruitment agencies in London waiting to assist you – and there just a search away!

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