Rewarding Good Behaviour with ValueMags

Have you ever heard of the popular psychology technique to reward good behaviour: positive reinforcement? Positive reinforcement is operant conditioning that rewards good behaviour to encourage it again. It can reward a goal, action, event, outcome, or attitude to strengthen the likeliness of that behaviour in future like events. ValueMags management and many other companies to this. ValueMags does it in the form of bonuses for sales. Other companies like Walmart or grocery stores do it through choosing an “employee of the month”. They are rewards for good work that push employees to strive for success. Inherently, company success.

So, when Chicago police began giving out “tickets” for good behaviour, Chicago residents began abiding by the laws more. Suburban Chicago police have launched a new initiate to encourage good citizen behaviour, and safety. The police will be issuing these tickets to children and families that are demonstrating good behaviour such as wearing helmets while they bike or picking up garbage on the playground. ValueMags employees strongly agree with the initiative. Although it is a parent’s primary job to raise their children, it is also that of the people in their environment (whether they know them well or not). Therefore, by encouraging good behaviour through a recognizable authority, children are given the opportunity to become even more decent human beings and contributing citizens later on. The “ticket” is not just symbolic but redeemable. In Naperville, the children can then redeem a free ice cream for their good deed. The initiative will likely make kids run around doing good deeds until they get recognized. And they will continue and continue. At the same time, some parents disagree with the initiative because they do not want their children to expect something in return for being a good person.

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