Risk free Investment scheme from Panoramic Universal Ltd.

I found many people terming some investment as risk-free investment. I never believe there existed any scheme where there is no risk. If there is no risk in any investment then there is no profit in that investment. The economist says that higher the risk higher the profit and vice versa. It’s true which we can see in any of our daily activities. For instance, if you have been assigned homework by your teacher, there is a risk of your teacher scolding you if you didn’t do it. But you do and teacher doesn’t check it other day you are at lost coz you didn’t risk not doing your homework.

Risk is such a thing where one would enjoy if the risk works in our favour but will suffer if it is other way round. But as every law has an exception even this has an exception. I found such an investment which is risk free. The investment plan which I’m talking about is of Pancard Club Investment Scheme from Panoramic Universal Ltd. Why I say that this investment is risk free because there is no return of money but the returns is in form of benefits. You might be thinking why anyone will invest in any scheme where there is no return of amount invested. Let me put in this way, here the investment made is for accommodation rights in the hotels and resorts managed by Panoramic Universal Ltd. You will be thinking why to invest money in accommodation and how will it be beneficial. Pancard Club Investment Scheme is an inflation-proof holiday scheme. It stated that you need to book your accommodation at a cost less than the current market price for a term starting from thirty nine months to ten years.

After investing in the scheme you can avail your rights of accommodation in company’s hotels or resorts whenever you wish. The company has its hotels in some of the best tourist destinations in India. It has its hotel in Shirdi, Karnala, Pune, Thane, Goa, Malvan, Kerala and Mysore. Some of the hotels are four star hotels which even cater to various corporate functions. Panoramic Universal Ltd. is expanding its venture by acquiring and developing properties in USA and New-Zealand. Currently, Pancard Club Investment Scheme doesn’t offer its members any accommodation rights in hotels and resorts outside India.

It might happen that you do not wish to utilize your accommodation rights as and when it is falling due. You could sum it up all together at one point and enjoy a lengthy holiday. Also, to make this investment more marketable, Panoramic Universal Ltd. has also given some flexibility in the scheme. The flexibility is that you can gift your accommodation rights to your friends and family. Apart from this if at the end of the investment tenure if there are any accommodation rights which is not utilized, you can surrender the same back to the company at a fixed cost. If this is not enough company also provide you benefits like medi-claim and insurance policies along with the investment at no extra cost.

Now, don’t you think that this investment scheme from Panoramic Universal Ltd. is a risk free investment?

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