SBI Health Insurance-Explained

State Bank of India (SBI) General Insurance offers health insurance in collaboration with Insurance Australia Group or IAG and is the major shareholder amongst the two. SBI General Insurance takes health insurances sincerely and has strived to provide the best plans to its customers. As is known to all, ‘Health is Wealth’ and SBI Health Insurance Plan is the best way to actually implement the same in real life. With varying levels of care taken to lead a healthy life and with different lifestyles, each individual is prone to different ailments. Moreover, the levels of stress have really shot up in recent times, which have hampered the health margins of people in general. A health insurance is, therefore, a thing which can be easily relied on in times of a sudden health scare.

SBI Health Insurance Plan takes care of these abrupt and unexpected situations by easing out the burden of medical expenditure in such times and thus, ensures a stress-free procedure thereafter.

Key Features of SBI’s Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans from SBI have some features which are great and have been chalked out by keeping the customer feasibility in mind. These can be collated in the list that follows:

Wide Cover: This is one of the basic reasons which attract customers to any insurance plan. SBI’s Health Insurance plan offers cover ranging from 50,000 to 5,00,000. That is a big range and would be very helpful in making the process more convenient.

Several Flexible Plans: SBI General Insurance offers various flexible health insurance plans for people from different walks of life. People residing in different places do not face the same medical conditions. For example, people living in urban areas or big metro cities are more prone to the psychological or mental pressure situations than the ones living in a rural setup. Thus, there are flexible plans like the Metro, Semi-Metro and the Rest of India to suit all people, irrespective of the place of their residing.

Family Floater plan: SBI has made available the feature of including the family members of the policyholder under the same policy. This is a big benefit which the entire family can avail under a single policy, instead of having a different policy for each member.

Pre and post hospitalization: The key highlight of this feature is that coverage is provided for a duration of 30 days before hospitalization and up to 60 days from the time of discharge or post-hospitalization.

Free Medical Check-ups: In every 4 years when the claim has not been made, the policyholder is entitled to a free health check-up up to a limit of Rs. 2500.

Tax Benefits: The policyholder is eligible for receiving tax benefits after buying SBI Health Insurance.

No medical check-ups for people without history: Any health insurance requires a person to undergo a series of medical tests, which then decides the type of plan he will be eligible for. However, with SBI’s Health Insurance plan, people who have not had any history of ailments or diseases are exempted from taking up these tests, up to the age of 45 years. This is also a big boon, as in some cases, the medical check-ups and their reports take up a lot of time before buying the insurance.

Add-on Covers: Besides the points mentioned already, there are some great add-ons provided by the SBI General Insurance such as covering the ICU charges, the admit room charges, the charges on consultations and so on.

Beneficial Outcome of buying SBI’s Health Insurance Plan

Besides the mental relief that the policy provides, and user-friendliness of the policy, the SBI’s Health Insurance Plan has some benefits which potential customers can make a note of. These are panned out as follows:

Excellent Service:  SBI ensures that their customers receive a good service, right  from buying the policy up to the claim settlement. All required information is just a click away and everything is put up on the website to answer each and every query of the customer. Various terms and conditions are explicitly mentioned. The FAQ column takes care of the general questions that a new customer may have. Apart from this, there is the call back and emailing features through which a person can directly get in touch with the SBI team and get his doubts cleared.

Various charges covered: From the hospitalization to the room charges; from specialists’ charges to the various medications which a person has taken during his treatment – all are covered in SBI’s Health Insurance Plans.

Parental care Included: This point elaborates that a person above the age of 60 years who needs help from a medical attendant or a nurse is eligible for a cover within limits decided by the company.

These are some of the highlights of purchasing an SBI Health Insurance Plan.

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