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In the twenty-first century, the internet has consumed almost every traditional avenue for business. Television advertisements are still popular, as are radio ads, but the internet is the best place to reach the greatest number of customers. Network television and even cable television is regional at best. If you are in Belfast, you will get commercials related to Northern Ireland. If you’re in San Diego, you will get commercials related to Southern California. That’s true even if you are watching the same program as someone around the world. The commercials are often localised commercials, and that makes them great for marketing to a local economy, but if you want to branch out, you need to move beyond television. Furthermore, television advertising is expensive and not terribly effective, as many people use their DVRs to avoid commercials altogether. Marketing online, specifically through social media, is the most reliable way to reach customers.


Videos are a great way to market online. Banner ads and single photo features are great, but nothing captures attention like a video. Many social media platforms will autoplay videos, so you need to make sure that the first few seconds are very engaging. The attention span of customers has decreased greatly over time because they are inundated with advertising from all over the world.

Your video needs to stand out among the rest. You also need to do it in an affordable way. That’s one advantage social media has over television; you don’t need to invest money to have the social media account. You can focus all of your money on creating great ads, and great ads need great video and great music.

Great Music

Finding music for your ad can sometimes be more complicated than creating the video. Many phone cameras now produce high definition video, so with a little bit of assistance, you can film a simple ad. However, most people cannot create compelling music. That requires considerably more expertise than talking to a camera about your business. So, what options do you have? You could hire musicians to make music for your ads, but that’s going to cost a lot of money. It will also take a lot of time and will thus greatly delay how quickly you can produce and publish your ad. A better option is to buy backing tracks online today. If you buy online tracks, you’ll be able to produce them and move forward in the same day.

Backing Tracks

Backing tracks that are available online are produced by professional musicians to match many different moods and themes. Once you buy such music, it can be used for just about any purpose. The best backing tracks are professionally produced and delivered right to your computer, and are perfect for whatever situation you have in mind. They make even stock footage compelling and interesting. In fact, that’s how many people produce quick social media ads. You can combine stock footage with backing tracks to create an ad made by a team of professionals that you’ve never even met. This is a great way to create professional ads on a very slim budget.

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