The Aptitude Test: An easy tool to have quality recruitment

To hire a person to carry out some job in the organization is not easy. Each human being reacts differently in the same situation also, and hence for a recruiter, it is an important aspect to know how the concerned candidate will react. It helps him to eliminate those candidates who will not react as per the expectation in given situation and take in all those who are fit for the concerned job. Thus, the test helps the recruiter to get the desired candidates as and when required and that too in a short period.

Aptitude Test or Assessment Test is the first lap that a candidate applying for a job has to pass to go to the next level of the recruiting process. The tests are conducted by the company so that in the first round itself the least deserving candidates are eliminated through this very generic and standardized method. The aptitude test generally measures or evaluates a person’s logical reasoning or the ability to think. The following article will try to enumerate what does the aptitude actually evaluates and if it is advantageous to the recruiting companies or not. Broadly speaking the aptitude tests evaluated the mental abilities, knowledge and information, personal traits, efficiency and swiftness, the ability to work under pressure and within a deadline of a person.

What do the aptitude tests really evaluate?

Apart from the obvious factors that this generic test evaluates there are some factors in particular. They are:

  • The abstract reasoning enables the companies to assess the capability of a person to contextualize the given or the available information and if he/she has the ability to recognize an underlying pattern. This is generally done by putting forward strip of a pattern and filling the blank with the most suitable option which would complete the pattern. The questions are objective.
  • To measure the proficiency of a candidate, you might be given numerical or sums which are of basic level, but one needs to solve them within the specified time.
  • Apart from numerical skills, the aptitude test might also assess your literary adroitness. The grammatical questions not only assess ones’ hold on the language but also his/her speaking proficiency. The spelling tests evaluate the linguistic skills specially required in corporate companies and BPOs.
  • Speed and Accuracy- The standardized evaluation not only tests aptitude but also measure the speed and accuracy of the candidate. One has to be immaculate while performing a job and cannot go wrong under pressure or while maintaining a deadline. To score higher marks one has to be both correct and swift.

The aptitude tests are a cost-effective method and are generally carried out via computers. A company does not have to rent a big space to carry out these tests like the group discussion or the personal interview. Apart from that it is also a time-saving process since not more than an hour is required and generally, one minute or half a minute is assigned to answer a question.

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