The Importance of Excel in Every Business

Every organization small, medium, large is adapting to advance technology. Technological tools and computer software help the business to improve efficiency. It helps the organizations to increase their productivity. One of such tool is Microsoft Excel. It is very important for the employees in the organization to be aware and know how to use Microsoft Excel.

Excel is used in every department of the organization be it Finance and accounting, Marketing and Sales, Operations, Human Resource etc. Hence, it is very important for the organization to conduct the Microsoft Excel Skills Assessment before hiring the employees.

It is necessary for the organization to conduct the Excel skill test before the interview. Once the candidates clear the test, the candidates can then be shortlisted for the interview round. It is easier for the recruiter to get a clear understanding of the candidate’s excel skill set.

The importance of using excel sheet in every department of the business organization are as follows:

  1. Marketing and Sales:The excel software is very much used in the sales department to prepare sales forecast, analyse sales trend and predicting sales targets. The different tools in the excel software can be used for analysis and calculations.
  2. Finance and Accounts:This is the department that uses the excel software the most. It is best to use for crunching numbers, analysing the balance sheet, profit and loss statement etc. Every number and formula related task in this department can be done in the excel sheet.
  3. Human Resources:Excel software helps the human resource team to manage payroll, performance sheet of the employees, Employee information etc. All this can be done quickly without wasting any time.
  4. Operation/logistics/Supply chain:Another department that needs an excel software the most is the logistics department. It is used to access the supply details, the export and import product details, the shipment details etc. It is used to analyse the performance of the import and export of goods.

Here is how you can conduct an Excel Skill Assessment in your organization:

  • Plan the assessment: The business needs to plan the assessment. Finalize the questions and problem-solving questions that need to be asked in the Microsoft Excel Skills assessmentthat will be held before the interview and decide on the time limit for the test.
  • Analysing the assessment: Once the test is given by the candidates, the recruiter needs to decide on the cut- off marks. Based on the cut – off marks, the candidates can be shortlisted for the interview.
  • Interview round: In the interview round, the recruiter can cross check the technical skill set by questioning them based on the performance of their excel test.

The advantages of having professional excel skills in your employees:

  • Increases Productivity: The work on the excel gets the job done faster. If the employee is aware of all the short cuts and the hacks of using the excel software then the work is done in a couple of minutes. This helps the employee to work on more projects on a daily basis rather on just one or two jobs. This increases the productivity of the business.
  • Lack of human error: The Microsoft excel is computer software that avoids human error. If the formulas are put correctly on the sheet, then there is no reason of getting wrong results. It avoids all the errors and mistakes.

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