The Importance of High Employee Engagement

As the owner or manager of a business, you likely already know that employee engagement is an important factor for running any business, but it may surprise you to learn just how beneficial it actually is as a whole. Employees that are highly engaged with their work are more likely to arrive on time, work with fewer breaks or distractions, and less likely to leave their job for a position with another company. There are so many benefits and advantages to keeping engagement high that the majority of businesses are now taking the time to research and develop new ways to keep engagement at an all-time high.


Engaged employees are significantly more motivated inside the workplace and are more likely to work from the start of their shift to its end, effectively making them more productive for your business. Disengaged employees are more easily distracted from their work by electronics, other employees, or even simply a general detachment from the work assigned them throughout the day. Not only will you receive higher quality work from engaged employees, you will see more work done in the same amount of time and with fewer delays across the board.


No matter how many employees you keep on staff at any one time of the year, a high turnover rate for a position is a serious problem which will cost you significant amounts of money throughout the year. Each new employee must be put through the hiring process, trained, on-boarded, and set up with the proper equipment for the job before they may be entrusted with work on their own, and this is a costly endeavour. The best action you will take toward the betterment of your company will be to measure employee engagement throughout the year and take actions frequently to keep it high.

Customer Care

Happy, engaged employees are more likely to provide great customer care to your clients and customers, and this will ultimately lead to a higher customer satisfaction rating. Engaged employees are far more committed to delivering excellence and quality because they are more likely to feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves and something worth supporting. These employees are a better connection to your vision and mission as a company and are therefore more effective brand ambassadors for your organisation as a whole.

Talent Attraction

Even when you do have positions to fill, it will be far easier to find great talent and then convince that talent to come onboard with your company if your employees have great opinions to share. The result will be a much improved and more profitable company as a whole and may help you to stay competitive over time.


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