The Types Of Material That A Robust Skip Bin Can Handle

Hiring a skip bin is a no-brainer when waste needs to be disposed of properly. The skip can be filled to the brim and then it can be taken away by the skip hire company.

  • The skip bin needs to suit the material that is being placed inside.
  • The skip bin should stop waste material causing problems for others.

Which materials can be safely placed in a bin?

Old Printers And Computers

You may have decided to have a complete office clear out. This can include items such as printers, computers and telephones. You will be able to hire a skip that has a large capacity and will also be able to deal with this heavy material.

The equipment can be loaded into the skip bin and then it can be taken away. When you are running a large office with lots of old printers and computers, you might have to hire several skips at once. You will not have to do anything because the skip hire workers will complete the task.

Waste Chemicals

Some factories and warehouses produce harmful chemicals that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. This means that a skip with a removable cover should be hired. This will provide protection for people who are working around these hazardous chemicals.

The skip that is hired from a firm such as Baco Compak is going to be reinforced to make sure that the chemicals do not cause any erosion. The chemicals can be taken away and they will be safely disposed of at the correct location. You will not have to do anything because the skip hire workers will complete the task.


Clearing out old furniture is not going to be a problem. Larger skip bins are designed to accommodate conference tables and large desks. Every piece of large furniture can be loaded into the skip and then it is going to be removed easily.

This can be repeated every time that the office moves to different premises. You will not have to do anything because the skip hire workers will complete the task.


The glass may have smashed or a window may need to be removed from the property. This is a widely-recycled material which can be loaded into a skip bin that you have hired. The workers will wear special reinforced gloves when they are dealing with the glass so that they are not going to cut themselves by accident at all.


Some businesses produce a large amount of waste paper that they have no idea what to do with. Some of the paper might end up languishing in the stock room and some of the paper might just get thrown into the bin. This is not an ideal situation and it needs to be changed.

Instead, a recycling skip can be hired. Every month, all the scrap paper that has accumulated can be gathered together and then thrown out into the skip. This is the responsible way of dealing with a waste paper issue.


Skips can handle all kinds of different waste with ease.

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