Ways to Make Your Small Business Seem Much Larger

In business size can certainly matters. The more resources you can throw at at opportunity the better the chances are your business will be able to capture that opportunity and transform it into profits.

The same is true with challenges that every business will face. Every business has to meet challenges that constantly threaten to upend any progress that has been made and to set the business back and behind the competition. Having a large amount of resources to throw at a challenge certainly gives a business the best chance to meet them.

For small businesses, learning to thrive with limited resources is a daily struggle. Choices must be made as to where and how to accurately direct those resources knowing that to deploy the wrong ones could be catastrophic. So small business management needs a high level focus and concentration and a set of lower cost tools that assist in helping the company to operate like a large one.

One key area of focus for small businesses is the tools they purchase to help them operate like a large company. Here is one of the most important tools for small companies:

Hosted PBX Phone System

A primary goal for small companies when they purchase tools is to get real value for their money. Hosted PBX fits this description perfectly because of its cost and the features it offers small businesses.

Standard PBX phone systems are expensive, requiring the company to purchase the complete phone system which is housed at the office location. If the company grows, they must purchase additional equipment. In each case, the company must also pay large installation fees and bring in high priced technicians to repair the system when it breaks.

Virtual PBX phone systems are housed in the cloud and sold by companies who assume all of the large equipment costs. A small company only needs to purchase handsets for each employee and a phone router. As the company grows it only needs to purchase additional handsets. If they move to a larger location, they can easily move the handsets and router. This virtual phone can literally be set-up in minutes at the new location.

All maintenance is handled by the provider who upgrades the system constantly and utilizes systems that anticipate problems and correct them before the client even knew it existed. Virtual PBX phone systems have the lowest levels of downtime in the industry.

In terms of the features of benefits these phone systems provide, they are numerous and include:

They allow small companies to do away with certain hires:

Virtual phone systems have features that replace humans. Once great example is that they have a robo-receptionist features whereby the phone system can answer calls and direct the party to an employee, whether at the company location, or to any department at the company.

They allow companies to do live call monitoring and training:

Virtual PBX systems allow management to monitor employee calls and give up to the second advice to employees while they are on the call. The other party cannot hear the advice being given to the employee.

They support employees working from remote locations:

Hosted PBX phone systems can be set up so employees can be reached no matter where they are. When a caller call for any employee at appears as if the employee is at the home office even though the employee might be at another company location, working from home or halfway around the world.

They allow companies to give employees flexible schedules:

VOIP systems allow you to set different messages for each employees depending upon their schedules and availability. Messages can be sent directly to voicemail when an employee is not available.

Hosted PBX phone systems give small business the same phone services that large companies have enjoyed. They save small companies money and make them seem much larger.

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