What Are Barrier Inks and Why they are Important

There are many types of ink that are suitable for many uses, and sometimes, as in the case of food packaging, there is a real risk of ink contamination. Barrier inks are primarily to eliminate the risk of transfer to other materials, and there are a range of innovative new technologies that make this more cost effective.

Food Grade Packaging

This is one area where hygiene is critical, and with the latest generation of barrier inks, modern food packaging exceeds government standards, and whether you are looking for barrier inks in Leeds or Leicester, an online search will give you immediate results. You might require an ink with a high level of transparency, or perhaps one that is of a high gloss consistency, and modern methods allow for both properties in the same product. High grade food packaging must meet stringent government regulations, and if you plan to export worldwide, it is essential to cover this aspect of your packaging.

Protecting Release

It isn’t always the case that the coating or ink must prevent internal contamination, as often, the food product contains fats and juices that must be present if the product is to be of acceptable quality, so you need effective barriers in plastic coverings that will stand the test of time. Oxygen must be kept at bay with foodstuffs that are plastic packaged, and this can only be achieved by consulting the right packaging and labelling contractor, and there are other concerns for long term storage that include sub-zero temperatures and exposure to hot weather. If the natural components of foodstuffs can penetrate the packaging, then hygiene is compromised, which is why it is essential to consult the experts regarding modern packaging and labelling.

Printable Media

The range of innovative materials that can be printed on has increased exponentially, as new paint and ink technology allows for any substance or material to carry a warning or instruction panel, and there is no limit to what can be achieved. Graphene is a revolutionary material, and in conjunction with barrier inks, one can print instructions on a device that will not compromise the material’s properties.

Technology to the Rescue

All manufacturers are looking for packaging and printing solutions that cover their requirements, and while this has always been possible, it is now significantly cheaper, and therefore, more affordable for small businesses that do not have the resources for heavy investments. Some clients are fully aware of what they need, to the point where they can provide the necessary formula to create the barrier ink, yet for a majority of companies, the solution in unknown, and by consulting with an expert provider and explaining their needs, the supplier can tailor the perfect solution.

Barrier inks are an essential component to food packaging, and many other products can benefit from the properties of an ink that will not transfer, regardless of environmental conditions, and with online specialist who are ready and waiting to solve any packaging issues, safe labelling is within everyone’s grasp.

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