What Are Your Shipping Container Needs

Shipping containers come in a variety of configurations. The containers can be refurbished, new, or used “as is”. You can have containers modified so they can be used in the following forms:

  • Portable cool rooms
  • Export containers
  • Dangerous goods containers
  • Flatrack containers
  • Export containers
  • Event rentals

Containers are featured for dry storage as well and come in 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot options. If you need dangerous goods containers for flammable or hazardous goods, you can find containers that meet AS1940 standards. These containers are the ideal solutions for holding goods such as paints, flammables, chemicals, and diesel products.

DG Containers                                 

Dangerous goods (DG) containers come equipped as follows:

  • Full louvered ventilation
  • Full bund reservoir with a mesh flooring that can be removed
  • Reservoir valves
  • Escape door mechanisms

Extras for the containers include the following:

  • Spark-proof lighting
  • Shelves
  • Insulated fire-rated walls
  • Escape fire doors

DG containers are available in 10-, 20- and 40-fShipping Container oot sizes for shipping container storage in Melbourne as well as transport.

Portable Cool Rooms

Portable cool rooms in the form of refrigerated sea containers are also regularly featured for use. Uses for these containers include the following:

  • A freezer for meat and seafood
  • Vegetable and fruit storage
  • Refrigerated transportation
  • Weekend use for beverages and food at festivals and events

Refrigerated containers, which are also called reefers, are widely used during holidays such as Christmas. They are regularly used by supermarkets for the storage of excess consumables. The units can be customised with add-ons such as butcher doors, cool room shelving, lighting, and alarms.


Another type of storage holder, flatracks are versatile as they can be used for transporting different types of oversized equipment. Equipment may take the form of boats or concrete castings. Flatracks are preferred for handling bulky and oversized loads.

Flatracks are designed with fixed, removable, or folding ends, depending on the needs of the user. Additional lashing points may also be requested. Four-post flatracks are often used to transport lengthy items such as cables, logs, or pipes.

Container Modifications

As you can see, you can obtain containers for handling and holding a variety of items. You can also make modifications to containers as needed. Common changes may include the following:

  • Shelves for dry storage
  • Personal access doors
  • Container windows that feature pop-up shutters or awnings
  • Lockable key entries or lockboxes
  • Box type or split system reversible AC

Work with a Full Service Company

When it comes to making a choice for containers, you need to work with a company that has a full understanding of the various containers used for transport. Make sure that you work with a firm that can not only fulfil your container needs but understands your transport requirements as well.

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