What is a Disclosure and Barring Service Check Used For

In this country, what is known as a “Disclosure and Barring Service check” is a process of looking to check out if a potential employee has any type criminal record. This ensures that any information that has been provided by a potential worker is indeed accurate and sound. After the background check has been conducted, employers then have access to any present or past criminal convictions the applicant.

If any employer finds out that the potential employee has not been telling the truth about their criminal past, management will often refuse to hire an applicant, or terminate their employment, should they already have been hired.

DBS is the Way to Go

These days, DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks are now common and anyone who wishes to find out any sort of private information about somebody, can do so easily. Take a short look on the internet via a search engine and you will see many online companies that offer DBS checking services for a fee.

Past Revisited

  • If any applicant consents to having a background check, he or she will have to:
  • Provide his or her lawful names
  • Any previous names
  • Social security number
  • Current address
  • Plus all former addresses they have lived in since becoming an adult

This will then allow an employer to check out if or not the applicant has any criminal convictions via a criminal record check in the UK, no matter where the applicant may have lived before.


In countries such as The United States, the disadvantage of carrying out a DBS check, is that in a number of states, they vary on what is and what isn’t a crime. Some states classify one crime as an unlawful offence, while in other states they classify that same crime as a lawful. And obviously, it becomes harder to obtain an accurate DBS check if the applicant has lived in different states.


Despite the fact that companies carry out a background check on potential workers, there are some cases where a background history check is legally necessary. People who wish to work with children, the disabled, and the elderly will have to undergo a DBS check. Anyone that wishes to be a police officer or a fire fighter will have to have a DBS check also.

Others who have to undergo an investigation include anyone who wishes to hold a public office or potential employees whose work will include having access to sensitive or confidential data. Should an employer doesn’t usually conduct such an investigation and then an employee commits a crime that harms other co-workers or customers, that same company may be held accountable.

Professional Services

For reasons such as the above, most employers nowadays pay professional services to do expert research on applicants’ pasts. With the present high rate of crime in society, DBS checks are deemed a necessary part of everyday life.

If you’re seeking at a skilled DBS service, use one that you can rely on and trust.

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