What Is Employee Engagement

What is known as “employee engagement” is a process through which a worker establishes positive social and emotional ties with an employer. This type of business management method, actively encourages worker involvement through a range of initiatives. These can include education and training programmes, team building exercises, and providing workers with performance-based stimuli such as bonuses or special recognition.

An employee engagement programme functions under the idea that engaged employees will be made more productive and therefore assist in the creation of more profit for the business. Should the employee be working for a non-profit organisation, by the very same assumption, engaged employees will be more dedicated to furthering the goals of the non-profit company.

Psychology and Being on Board

More and more, social psychology is an area nowadays in which more and more employers are positively attempting to engage employees. Training programmes are normally thought of as an effective part of encouraging employee engagement. Such programmes can be conducted in a group setting where interactive talk and staff surveys are allowed to take place, as team building is becoming another modern method used in generating employee engagement.

Should the worker be freshly hired, then the engagement is called “on boarding”, which defines the procedure of taking someone on board in such a way that he or she will quickly feel like a member of the team, and not some outsider. An engaged employee is thought by some people to grant numerous advantages to a business, which include improved public relations, due to the fact that such workers might voluntarily assume the role of diplomat on behalf of the management.

The Individual and the Team Player

The strategies of communication utilised in employee engagement, go all the way from individualised orientations and mentoring, to intricate team-building events that can involve meticulous physical activities, such as overcoming an obstacle. These kind of strategies are thought to be transformative in bonding new relationships, as anyone who can complete these tasks can then experience a strong sense of group bonding.

Nowadays, there are weekend retreats and even charity events which are being used to engage workers, also. Things like the encouraging of groups of workers to go ahead and volunteer at a soup kitchen, for example, can assist in creating the dual purposes of instilling a real sense of pride in the team for carrying out a really good deed, and also acquiring social capital for the worker within the company.

Modern Times

While employees are undergoing this kind of theory, employers can utilise a style of management that tries to instil in employees the idea that they should feel much closer to their jobs, the same as a business owner or entrepreneur would regard his or her work. Reward arrangements are frequently employed in an effort to boost this attitude. The rewards may not always be in financial incentives, but may even also include public accolades through media releases or honours given at public events.

Employee Engagement is here to stay!

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