What Team Building Games do People Normally Play

If you don’t know, team building days are where games and activities are utilised to help to increase the ability for a group of individuals to get along better as a team. Games used for team building are used in any situation where there is the necessity to create a sense of camaraderie, faith, confidence, and communication among a group of persons who are brought together to work towards common objectives. The major goals of any team building exercise are to elevate the level of commitment of all members of the team and to increase productivity by inspiring them to work together.

In some companies, they make use of team building games as part of a weekly or monthly programme, to assist in keeping team members fresh and connected with each other. The games played may also be utilised to good effect at weekend resorts, where co-workers may get to know one another in a casual setting outside of the office. The perfect team building games usually are designed to offer an element of amusement, at the same time as they help to create commitment and a feeling of teamwork among all members.

Good and Old Fashioned

An example of a simple but effective team building days game involves the very British classic game of tug of war. This, as most of you will know, is an extremely competitive game where two sides try to outdo each other by pulling the opposition via a rope, nearer to them so as to allow the marker to cross a certain line. Always a lot of fun and loved by everyone involved. And while the activity is a great deal of fun, it also stimulates team members to do their best to achieve the goal. (Your arms and shoulders may ache the next day though!)

Many other team building games help to encourage the development of trust as part of the work surroundings. Another classic game that is used to great effect is a quiz which provides everything you could ever expect from a quiz night including all the best parts from the likes of renowned top quiz shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire and The Generation Game, and others all mixed into one fun packed evening. This event is made just perfectly during dinner or as an after dinner form of entertainment. Along with developing trust in the judgment of other members of the team, this particular game also helps to encourage good communication between team members.

Working Together as a Team

A different team building games require participants to work together so as to overcome any obstacles, take note of the strategies and to integrate skills in order to efficiently finish a task. When this begins to happen, working within the team and the business will become a beneficial experience that makes the achievement of important duties much easier for all involved.

Get your team working together!

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