What Type of Freight Service Should You Use?

When you run a company that either exports or imports products, it is vital to look after your bottom line. To transport goods from one side of the world to the other, there are two options: sea freight or air freight. Which type of freight you choose will depend on a number of factors, but ultimately it must be the right decision for your business and your customers.

Why Sea Freight Works for Many Businesses

Sea freight shipping by Pallet2ship, for example, offers the following benefits:

  • Cost effective: Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of sea freight over air freight is the very low shipping cost involved. This is especially great for large loads where cost may be a factor. When freight costs for a business are lower, their bottom line is bigger, and this cost saving is also passed on to customers.
  • Cargo space: Cargo space is of specific concern for businesses that regularly need to transport many goods at one time. Sea freight provides the benefit of being able to handle much bigger cargo loads without the cost or weight concerns that plague air freight. Furthermore, sea vessels can transport much bigger products, including machinery and vehicles.
  • Environmental concerns: These days, it is incumbent upon many businesses to be aware of pollution and other environmental factors. In fact, some businesses may even be penalised for using transport that is not considered “green”. For businesses with these specific concerns, sea freight offers the advantage of being “greener” in nature than air freight.

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to choosing sea freight over air freight is that it takes longer to be transported to the destination. This may not be of great concern for companies that regularly transport goods worldwide, but for one-off shipments and time-sensitive deliveries, air freight may be worth looking at.

What Should a Good Freight Company Offer Your business?

If sea freight is right for your business and is good for your customers, there are companies that can offer a full logistics service so that you don’t have to worry about the details. This type of freight company offers the following benefits and services:

  • Sealing and loading: A good freight company will offer sealing and loading services for your products before they are loaded onto the ship.
  • International network: The best freight companies maintain an international network of handlers and freight-forwarding partners at all of the world’s major ports. This means that cargos always travel on the fastest and best route and can be cleared through customs with fewer delays.
  • Trust: A reliable freight service only uses the most trusted sea freight companies.

For cargos that are not time-sensitive, sea freight offers great cost savings over air freight. Additionally, it can handle much higher capacity loads and large products, making it a very flexible option for many companies looking to save themselves and their customers money.

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