Which Attributes Does Every Leader Need To Have

Every day, corporate leaders make big decisions that have a sizeable impact on their company. Multinational CEOs are under just as much pressure to deliver as the head of a new startup.

Challenges come in many different shapes and sizes for leaders. Managers and owners need to have a mental “toolbox” of skills that they can draw upon.

Leadership courses are ideal for anyone who thinks that these skills could be improved. Going on a course is not just for novices because even multinational CEOs learn about ways that they can perform more effectively.

Several core leadership skills are tested during an Everest Academy leadership training exercise. These are the attributes that every leader needs to have.

Influence Over Others

Leaders have to influence the way that other people think. Training exercises that take place in the mountains or the wilderness require one person to take charge confidently and influence the actions of others in the group.

Examples of this influence include convincing the group to take a certain path through the wilderness.

Ability To Admit Mistakes

Mistakes are a fundamental part of life, and leaders need to learn from them in order to develop. Subordinates will respond positively when a leader hold their hand up and admits they were wrong – this honesty creates a large amount of trust.

During a mountain training exercise, the leader may have forgotten to bring equipment from base camp. Admitting mistakes should come naturally to a CEO.

Able To Make Decisions Quickly And Confidently

Company executives do not usually have the luxury of mulling over important decisions for a long period of time. Leadership requires an ability to think quickly and to weigh up the pros and cons of taking a certain course of action.

A keen sense of judgement separates excellent leaders from good ones.

Remain Calm During Adversity

Managers need to keep a calm head during moments of crisis. Leadership exercises are the perfect way to deal with moments of adversity. Terrible weather may be hampering a group of people who are climbing up a mountain. The leader of the group needs to be able to keep morale up and to make sure that the whole group is safe.

Gaining Respect From Subordinates

A leader has to gain respect from subordinates. Respect has to be earned, which happens when a leader makes tough decisions and also to admit to mistakes.

Becoming A Better Leader Thanks To A Training Course

A training exercise in the wilderness – or on mountains – tests leaders to their limits in several different ways. Leaders will develop their ability to influence others and to make decisions quickly whilst in adverse situations. Look for a training course that offers outdoor expeditions rather than relying on theory in a classroom.

These courses are available for people hoping to move into management positions as well as experienced leaders who want to refine their skills.

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