Why do you need broadband Internet

Have you equipped your home with the power of broadband Internet? If not, then you must remedy the situation – and reap many benefits in return.

Most of us cannot imagine living our lives without our smart phones and tabs/laptops in tow. These are powered by the Internet. In turn, we cannot imagine a life where there is no Internet. Think back to the times when bad weather or sudden outages cut your Internet connection and left you clueless about what was happening outside your home. The digital medium is an all-pervasive presence in our lives today. We need it for everything, from shopping to data gathering, and from chatting with friends to watching movies on the go.

But if you require the Internet at home, then your best bet is to get a good broadband connection.

Understand broadband and why it matters for your home

You might be slightly aware of what a broadband Internet connection is, and what it can do. But do you know the difference between broadband and the dial-up connection you used earlier?

Here’s what it’sis all about: it is an Internet connection that uses a wide spectrum in its landline. Its wide spectrum accords it with two immediate benefits: 1) The user does not need to hang up the phone if they wish to connect to the Internet, and 2) It operates at higher frequencies, so it offers much higher data transmission speeds.

The connection can also help you connect multiple digital devices (Airtel broadband helps you connect up to 10 digital devices) on the same connection. Also, the connection is devised for monthly consumption with a fixed data quota that is renewed with every new cycle. So, you are not billed for the number of hours you use the connection for.

All devices also enjoy the same speeds and no network lag at all. Thus, if you are getting an Internet connection for the home, you must certainly try broadband. It is cost effective, fast and hassle-free.

Of course, you will need to partner with a leading provider like Airtel if you want the best surfing experience.

Airtel broadband – it’s just better than every other broadband

You may be inundated with ads for broadband from a multitude of mobile service providers, cable operators and also local area providers. Each claims that their plan is the best and that they have the most cost-effective options to offer. So, which one do you choose?

You should choose Airtel broadband, because you get:

  • The highest data transmission speeds.Test the standard Airtel broadband connection on the Ooklatest meter. You will realise that the company offers the speeds that it advertises: from 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps, based on the plan you choose. On an average, you can expect speeds of 100 Mbps at any given moment. This is super-fast Internet that no other provider is offering.
  • The best network coverage. Airtel is the country’s largest mobile provider, so it has the widest pan India network coverage. This is a useful feature when you consider that it can provide always-on connectivity. You will never suffer abrupt network outages or stutters when you have an Airtel connection.
  • The most cost-effective broadband connection of all time. Whether you are a graphics designer who needs to download heavy software files or a TV show watcher or gamer, Airtel connects 10 of your digital devices on the same connection. This, with no change in speeds or quality of upload/download. Think how cost-effective it is.
  • Airtel can upgrade your current connection to its radical V-fiber connection, with a staggering 99% uptime at any given point in time.
  • Airtel offers at least 12 different broadband plans, all designed for different requirements of price points, speed, data quota, etc. Consider the plans for Delhi:

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